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Books by A.J. Flowers

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Celestial Downfall Boxed Set: Books 1 - 3


(81 reviews)

All three books in the award-winning Celestial Downfall trilogy are now available in this high-value set! Angels have ruled for too long... it'll take one of their own to stop them. Fallen to Grace: Book 1 Azrael's a... See More

£0.99 £9.99 Save 90% Price verified 2 hours ago
Teen & Young Adult

Crown Princess Academy: Book 1


(244 reviews)

This is one crown you don't want. Born and raised in the Dregs, the last thing I expected was the "honor" of being recruited to Crown Princess Academy. And by honor, I mean fighting for my life against the fae that rule our... See More

£4.99 Price verified one day ago

Dragonrider Academy: Episode 5


(245 reviews)

Wild dragons followed me home. And they've learned a new trick. This breed can shift into human form and they've taken my mother hostage. Their price for her safe return? Max Green. I'm more than happy to hand the jerkwad... See More

£3.99 Price verified 4 hours ago

Dragonrider Academy: Episode 3


(479 reviews)

They say don't count your dragons before they hatch... I never did like to listen. Killian thinks I'm making a huge mistake, but my heart chose this egg... even if it's lifeless. The hollow shell has the faintest echo of a... See More

£2.99 Price verified one day ago

Dragonrider Academy: Episode 4


(408 reviews)

Good news: Solstice is alive! Bad news: Dragonrider Academy is under siege by wild dragons. Solstice has been on a journey of his own trying to find me in this realm. I'll have to get the story out of him one day of how he... See More

£3.99 Price verified 30 minutes ago

Dragonrider Academy: Episode 8: (Season 2)


(47 reviews)

The Lost Dragon Queens must be found. I did it. I faced my worst fears and found justice for my father's murder. The Avalon's Queen is gone, but her influence remains. She put in a safeguard in the event of her demise... See More

£3.99 Price verified one day ago

Dragonrider Academy: Episode 7


(143 reviews)

Today we ride to Avalon. This is the ultimate graduation test, one that'll challenge me on every level. The Academy rules say that Killian and I must reclaim an artifact and return home, but I'm not going to stop there. A... See More

£3.99 Price verified 8 hours ago

Dragonrider Academy: Episode 6


(154 reviews)

Today is the first day I ride my dragon. It's been two years since I cleared my father's name and made Dragonrider Academy my permanent residence. I'm ready to celebrate and finally ride together with Killian. Except, the... See More

£3.99 Price verified 10 hours ago

Dragonrider Academy: Season 1: Episodes 1-7


(129 reviews)

*100,000 words of Dragonrider Adventure!* Never trust a jock. That was my first mistake. When Max Green invited me to a night party on the beach, I should have known better. The Resorties are rich kids who can't see past... See More

£9.99 Price verified 11 hours ago

Crown Princess Academy: Book 2


(65 reviews)

Crowned as the first Hybrid Queen, my battle with Light and Dark has only just begun. Destroying the portal to the Light Fae Realm should have solved all my problems. No more pompous jerkwads telling us what to do, how to... See More

£5.99 Price verified 15 hours ago
Short Stories

Dragonrider Academy: Episode 2


(556 reviews)

It's funny how everything can change in an instant. I went from being an invisible wallflower with no friends, no dreams, and no future to being thrust into a world of dragons and magic. I've bonded with Killian, my... See More

£2.99 Price verified 17 hours ago
Teen & Young Adult

Stand for Justice (Celestial Downfall Book 3)


(4 reviews)

Stand for Justice is the jaw-dropping conclusion to the Celestial Downfall Trilogy. After executing a brave, if not foolhardy plan to usurp the Seraphim, Azrael's battle has only just begun. For the first time in history... See More

£4.58 Price verified 16 hours ago

Lucifer's Fall: A Short Story


(82 reviews)

Before he was known as Mehmet... he was called Lucifer. Here's the story of how he fell. When angels appear in Celestia's groves as malformed and without wings, they're cast out of paradise and into the darkness below... See More

£2.15 Price verified one day ago

Soul Bound (Dweller Saga Book 1)


(48 reviews)

The gods are dying. Thane has served his goddess for thousands of lifetimes, but even he knows that time is running out. There's only one way to save her, to save all of Dweller kind, and it's a suicide mission. The host is... See More

£2.99 Price verified 2 hours ago
Teen & Young Adult

Rise to Hope: Book 2 (Celestial Downfall)


(7 reviews)

Standalone capable In the stunning sequel to Fallen to Grace, Azrael must face a new world with new masters. She's the Queen of Celestia -- or so the Council of angels wish her to believe. The Seraphim, the true ruler of... See More

£4.58 Price verified 15 hours ago

The Lunar Clash (Ancient Realms Book 5)


(1 review)

The World Ends Every Thousand Years. Eliza is an empress and her heart breaks with each new cycle that is marked by the clash of two moons. Today is the death of L'Orenia... and the birth of something new. When Eliza is... See More

£2.46 Price verified one day ago
Genre Fiction

Stranded: A YA Ancient Realms Novelette


Not my fault I found a shiny bauble that gave me legs. Amber isn't like her sisters. She dreams of the world above the waves even if it's forbidden. When she finds an ancient artifact that allows her to explore the world of... See More

£2.46 Price verified 12 hours ago
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