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Books by Adrian Tchaikovsky

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Crime, Thriller & Mystery

Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets


(20 reviews)

THE WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS DETECTIVE, AS YOU'VE NEVER SEEN HIM BEFORE! This is Sherlock Holmes as you've never seen him before: as an architect in a sleepy Australian town, as a gentleman in seventeenth-century Worcestershire... See More

£3.99 £4.99 Save 20% Price verified 33 minutes ago
Genre Fiction

Myriad Lands, Volume 2: Beyond the Edge


(2 reviews)

Beyond the familiar tropes of knights and castles, elves and dragons, there is a whole world of possibilities for fantasy literature. This anthology collects fantasy stories whose inspiration lies beyond the traditional... See More

£2.39 Price verified 12 hours ago
Science Fiction

Dogs of War


(302 reviews)

A NEW SCIENTIST BOOK OF THE YEAR. My name is Rex. I am a good dog. Rex is also seven foot tall at the shoulder, bulletproof, bristling with heavy calibre weaponry and his voice resonates with subsonics especially... See More

£2.49 Price verified 6 hours ago

Made Things


(91 reviews)

Award-winning author Adrian Tchaikovsky's Made Things is dark fantasy tale of how the most unlikely characters may become the most heroic. Making friends has never been so important. Welcome to Fountains Parish--a cesspit... See More

£2.24 £2.29 Price verified 6 hours ago
Science Fiction

The Expert System's Brother


(143 reviews)

Bestselling British master of science fiction Adrian Tchaikovsky brings readers a new, mind-expanding science fantasia in The Expert System's Brother After an unfortunate accident, Handry is forced to wander a world he... See More

£2.26 Price verified 28 minutes ago

Precious Little Things: A Original


(13 reviews)

A prequel to the magical novella Made Things, Adrian Tchaikovsky's "Precious Little Things" is a Original short story offering a new perspective while set in the same action-packed gaslamp world. At the Publisher's... See More

£0.79 Price verified 13 hours ago



(106 reviews)

The Church of Armes of the Light has battled the forces of Darkness for as long as anyone can remember. The great prophecy has foretold that a band of misfits, led by a high priestess will defeat the Dark Lord Darvezian... See More

£2.54 £3.25 Save 22% Price verified one hour ago
Science Fiction

Cage of Souls


(113 reviews)

Humanity clings to life on a dying Earth in an epic, far-future SF from an award-winning author. The sun is bloated, diseased, dying perhaps. Beneath its baneful light, Shadrapar, last of all cities, harbours fewer than... See More

£0.99 Price verified 2 hours ago
Science Fiction

Walking to Aldebaran


(49 reviews)

I'M LOST. I'M SCARED. AND THERE'S SOMETHING HORRIBLE IN HERE. My name is Gary Rendell. I'm an astronaut. When they asked me as a kid what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said, "astronaut, please!" I dreamed astronaut, I... See More

£4.72 Price verified 5 hours ago

The Scarab Path (Shadows of the Apt Book 5)


(53 reviews)

The Scarab Path is an astonishingly immersive fantasy, in the Shadows of the Apt series by Arthur C. Clarke award-winner, Adrian Tchaikovsky. Ancient powers are waking... The war with the Wasp Empire has ended in a bitter... See More

£4.99 £7.49 Save 33% Price verified 2 hours ago
Science Fiction

Children of Ruin (The Children of Time Novels)


(540 reviews)

'My most anticipated book of the year' - Peter F. Hamilton, Britain's no.1 science fiction writer Children of Ruin follows Adrian Tchaikovsky's extraordinary Children of Time, winner of the Arthur C. Clarke award. It is set... See More

£4.99 £9.99 Save 50% Price verified 4 hours ago

Dracula: Rise of the Beast


(4 reviews)

GENESIS OF A MONSTER Vlad III Dr?cula. A warleader in a warlike time: brilliant, charismatic, pious. But what became of him? What drove him to become a creature of darkness -- Bram Stoker's cruel, ambitious "Un-Dead" -- and... See More

£4.99 Price verified 14 hours ago
Science Fiction



(58 reviews)

Scions have no limits Scions do not die And Scions do not disappear Sergeant Ted Regan has a problem. A son of one of the great corporate families, a Scion, has gone missing at the front. He should have been protected by... See More

£4.72 Price verified 37 minutes ago

Salute the Dark (Shadows of the Apt Book 4)


(43 reviews)

Adrian Tchaikovsky's epic Shadows of the Apt continues with the fourth instalment in this bestselling fantasy series, Salute the Dark. All must face the end of days... The vampiric sorcerer Uctebri has at last got his... See More

£4.99 £6.99 Save 29% Price verified 6 hours ago

Fantasy-Faction Anthology


(6 reviews)

From award winning website, Fantasy-Faction, comes an anthology of short stories and articles celebrating the fantasy genre's diversity. Dragons, magic, clones, portals and swords are just some of what awaits you on the... See More

£3.36 Price verified 6 hours ago

Redemption's Blade (After the War Book 1)


(43 reviews)

Ten years ago, the Kinslayer returned from the darkness. His brutal Yorughan armies issued from the pits of the earth, crushing all resistance, leaving burnt earth and corruption behind. Thrones toppled and cities fell. And... See More

£4.31 Price verified 5 hours ago

The Air War (Shadows of the Apt Book 8)


(41 reviews)

The Air War, the eighth novel in the Shadows of the Apt series by award-winning author Adrian Tchaikovsky, is a story of deceit and betrayal at the heart of the Empire, as a new world order is ready to emerge. An empress... See More

£7.49 Price verified 45 minutes ago

Guns of the Dawn


(103 reviews)

Shortlisted for the 2016 British Fantasy Society Award for Best Novel. Guns of the Dawn is a pacey, gripping fantasy of war and magic, from Arthur C. Clarke Award-winning author, Adrian Tchaikovsky. The first casualty of... See More

£6.99 Price verified 52 minutes ago



(3 reviews)

Hauntings is a collection of fifteen original ghost stories, some very traditional in style while others are highly contemporary. Lock the doors, settle into a comfortable armchair, and prepare to be chilled... Includes... See More

£3.99 Price verified 20 hours ago
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