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Books by Catherine Miller

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Historical Fiction

The Archers: Ambridge At War


(259 reviews)

Pre-order Victory for Ambridge, the brilliant new novel in The Archers series, coming Spring 2024. Celebrating the 70th anniversary of the beloved radio show, Ambridge at War takes readers back to before it all began...... See More

£2.99 Price verified one day ago

The Archers: Victory for Ambridge


Its 1943 and the war continues on in Ambridge. But the minds of the villagers are focused a little closer to home... For many centuries, a local tradition has told of a mystic living in a hermit's cave just outside the... See More

£4.99 £15.49 Save 68% Price verified 11 hours ago
Crime, Thriller & Mystery

The Phantom's Witness


(19 reviews)

For years, Christine Daaé has lived a lonely and sheltered life, clinging to memories of happier days when her father lived, and her role at the opera house meant more than simply muddling through. The one token she has... See More

£2.65 Price verified 2 days ago
Science Fiction

Claim (Deridia Book 5)


(148 reviews)

Dutiful. Diligent. Meek. Vilya knew well what was expected of a daughter of Yarrow. To keep her eyes lowered, her words soft, her hands committed in their work. And if it meant keeping their father appeased and her... See More

£3.99 Price verified 4 days ago

Exile (Deridia Book 6)


(83 reviews)

Impudent. Headstrong. Selfish. Arla knew many things. She knew how to keep a tidy workroom. How to infuriate her elder sister. How to put a smile on her mother's face when there had been only tears. How to anger her father... See More

£2.97 Price verified 4 days ago

Warder (Deridia Book 8)


(29 reviews)

Wife. Daughter. Warder. There was a shift in the mountain. Where once creatures would ascend to the peak for the winter, now they hunted. With venom and claw, warders fell. Others of her kind had settled. Wives, mothers... See More

£3.36 Price verified 3 days ago
Science Fiction

Designation 261 (The Wholeness Project Book 2)


(66 reviews)

He was alone. He had sent away his only allies, watched as they disappeared into the recesses of space, leaving him to finish what they had begun. To purge the galaxy of a great evil, that disguised itself behind a guise of... See More

£3.99 Price verified 9 hours ago
Science Fiction



(23 reviews)

When the Reapers came, they destroyed everything in their path. Cities decimated. People slaughtered. Resources swept away. A small remnant of soldiers and survivors took refuge in the compounds, but survival came with a... See More

£3.49 Price verified 4 days ago

A Whirlwind Profession


When Tina's whirlwind profession as a fashion designer spirals upward in NYC, her exciting encounters, dangerous liaisons, and fundamental fashions lead her towards completing life's grand design of fame and fortune. But... See More

£6.49 Price verified 3 days ago
Science Fiction

Thrall (Deridia Book 3)


(161 reviews)

Slow. Useless. Failure. Ness had always tried to do as the masters told her, tried to fulfil her expected purpose within the time allowed. She was a thrall and nothing more. Every pain was a lesson, every hurt was for her... See More

£3.10 Price verified 4 days ago
Science Fiction

Trade (Deridia Book 2)


(282 reviews)

Gullible. Foolish. Weak. She had always done as she was told. She dug in the sands until her fingers bled so that her people could have something to barter. She packed up her sparse belongings without complaint when it... See More

£3.25 Price verified 3 days ago
Science Fiction

Mercy (Deridia Book 1)


(434 reviews)

Dishonourable. Unwanted. Outsider. Such are the slurs cast upon Rykkon, however undeserved. As the only village healer, his people cannot cast him out entirely, but there is little comfort in such a life when he has long... See More

£3.08 Price verified 4 days ago
Crime, Thriller & Mystery

A Civic Duty


(20 reviews)

Extortion. Abduction. Murder. Themes not unknown within the pages of Gaston Leroux's original telling of The Phantom of the Opera. But what if the Ghost's eccentric haunting took place within the confines of the modern... See More

£2.63 Price verified 4 days ago
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