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Science Fiction

Heart of the Comet


(156 reviews)

David Brin and Gregory Benford come together again to issue a new edition of their bold collaboration about our near human future in space, planting our boots... and staking our destiny... on becoming the People of the... See More

£5.39 £5.46 Price verified 2 days ago
Science Fiction

The Giving Plague


(396 reviews)

Not all villains succeed at being evil. Not all diseases deserve the word plague. Fate can be ironic indeed. The chilling short story, The Giving Plague, follows microbiologist Forry, a self-proclaimed cynic, jealous of his... See More

FREE £0.99 Save 100% Price verified 2 hours ago
Science Fiction

Foundation's Triumph (Second Foundation Trilogy)


(303 reviews)

As for me, I am finished.' With these words, a frail, dying Hari Seldon completes his life's work. The old man has just recorded messages for the Time Vault of the First Foundation. Psychohistory's Seldon Plan is unleashed... See More

£3.99 £5.99 Save 33% Price verified one hour ago
Science Fiction



(174 reviews)

TIME IS RUNNING OUT Decades from now, an artificial black hole has fallen into the Earth's core. As scientists frantically work to prevent the ultimate disaster, they discover that the entire planet could be destroyed... See More

£3.99 £5.99 Save 33% Price verified 7 hours ago
Science Fiction

Heaven's Reach (Uplift Book 6)


(189 reviews)

David Brin's first Uplift trilogy - SUNDIVER, STARTIDE RISING and THE UPLIFT WAR - stands as one of the most extraordinary science fiction sagas ever written. In 1995, BRIGHTNESS REEF, the first book in a second trilogy... See More

£3.99 £4.99 Save 20% Price verified 14 hours ago
Science Fiction

Sundiver (Uplift Book 1)


(1,062 review)

Circling the Sun, under the caverns of Mercury, Expedition Sundiver prepares for the most momentous voyage in our history. A journey into the boiling inferno of the sun, to seek our destiny in the cosmic order of life. For... See More

£3.99 Price verified 19 hours ago

More Alternative Truths: Stories from the Resistance


(29 reviews)

More Alternative Truths is an exploration of the potential consequences of today's politics in our daily lives. More than our individual lives, but our American identity. This exploration defines this anthology. So many of... See More

£0.94 £2.28 Save 59% Price verified 48 minutes ago
Science Fiction

The Practice Effect


(190 reviews)

From one of the most critically acclaimed and well-loved authors of contemporary science fiction, a highly imaginative and exciting story as only David Brin can write... "High spirits and inventiveness... Dennis's... See More

£4.38 £4.49 Price verified 2 days ago
Science Fiction

The Postman


(2,231 reviews)

He was a survivor - a wanderer who traded tales for food and shelter in the dark and savage aftermath of a devastating war. But when he borrows the jacket of a long-dead postal worker, his life changes forever. As he... See More

£3.99 Price verified 21 hours ago
Science Fiction



(37 reviews)

A wide-ranging and thought-provoking collection of short stories which confirms David Brin as one of the foremost writers of science fiction. It brings together stories like 'The Giving Plague' and 'Dr Pak's Preschool' which... See More

£2.99 £3.99 Save 25% Price verified one day ago
Science Fiction

River of Time


(101 reviews)

The River of Time brings together twelve of David Brin's finest stories, including "The Crystal Spheres", which won the Hugo Award for Best Science Fiction Short Story in 1985. Here are powerful tales of heroism and... See More

£3.80 £4.13 Save 8% Price verified 3 hours ago
Science Fiction

Kil'n People


(305 reviews)

Al Morris is a private investigator. Actually, he's lots of private investigators. For he lives in a world in which every person, every day, can be in any number of places at the same time. It's the world of dittos. It is... See More

£3.99 £4.49 Save 11% Price verified 20 hours ago
Science Fiction

Infinity's Shore (Uplift Book 5)


(360 reviews)

The second book in David Brin's second Uplift trilogy is a magnificent addition to one of science fiction's most ambitious and compelling series. The six races had been living in exile on the planet Jijo for two thousand... See More

£3.99 £6.99 Save 43% Price verified 23 hours ago
Science Fiction

Brightness Reef (Uplift Book 4)


(437 reviews)

On the distant planet of Jijo, six exiled races live side by side. Only ancient relics from their home planets, fragments of half-forgotten stories and the crumbling ruins of the mysterious and god-like Buyur remind the... See More

£3.99 £7.49 Save 47% Price verified one day ago
Science Fiction

Glory Season


(168 reviews)

Long ago, the Founding Mothers left old Earth and the Phylum Worlds, seeking a hidden place to reforge human destiny. Through genetic wizardry, they have altered human sexual patterns. For most of the year, any child born on... See More

£3.99 £4.49 Save 11% Price verified 10 hours ago
Science Fiction

Startide Rising (Uplift Book 2)


(871 reviews)

The second in the Uplift series and winner of the Hugo and Nebula award, this novel describes how a spaceship crew of dolphins and a genetically engineered human find an ancient fleet and cadaver. They must fight to carry... See More

£3.99 £5.49 Save 27% Price verified 16 hours ago
Science Fiction

The Uplift War


(324 reviews)

As galactic armadas clash in quest of the ancient fleet of the Progenitors, a brutal alien race seizes the dying planet of Garth. The various uplifted inhabitants must battle their overlords of face ultimate extinction. At... See More

£3.99 £6.99 Save 43% Price verified 2 hours ago
Short Stories

The Year's Top Ten Tales of Science Fiction 8


(4 reviews)

An unabridged collection of the "best of the best" science fiction stories published in 2015 by current and emerging masters of the genre, edited by Allan Kaster. In "My Last Bringback," by John Barnes, an expert on... See More

£3.77 Price verified 22 hours ago
Science Fiction



(467 reviews)

OUR CONTINUED EXISTENCE WAS NEVER A GIVEN. Year after year, humanity has survived the main pitfalls awaiting us - natural disasters, nuclear war, rising seas. But when an alien artefact is found floating in Earth's orbit... See More

£3.99 £4.49 Save 11% Price verified 5 hours ago
Science Fiction

Thor Meets Captain America


(33 reviews)

Nominated for a Hugo Award in 1987, Thor Meets Captain America offers an alternate history exploring a chilling scenario behind the Holocaust. In this parallel world, the Nazis narrowly avoid defeat in World War II when they... See More

£0.99 Price verified 2 days ago
Women's Fiction



(13 reviews)

The most sophisticated "engineering" process on Earth is pregnancy among mammals -- especially among humans. There is already talk of using goats and cattle to produce industrial products instead of milk, and possibly... See More

£0.99 Price verified one day ago
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