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Books by David Wellington

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The Monster Island Trilogy: Three Zombie Novels


(10 reviews)

The complete "horrifyingly entertaining zombie-apocalypse trilogy" from the author of 99 Coffins and 23 Hours (Booklist). David Wellington combines the scope of World War Z, the end-of-the-world drama of I Am Legend and... See More

£20.99 £22.39 Save 6% Price verified 7 hours ago

Weaponized: A Short Story: A Novella


(14 reviews)

Previously published as part of The New Dead: A Zombie Anthology. In Weaponized, the frightening and altogether too real story of an undercover reporter sent to investigate a mysterious new branch of the U.S... See More

£0.78 Price verified one day ago
Crime, Thriller & Mystery

By Blood We Live


(236 reviews)

From Dracula to Buffy the Vampire Slayer; from Castlevania to Tru Blood, the romance between popular culture and vampires hearkens back to humanity's darkest, deepest fears, flowing through our very blood, fears of death... See More

£9.46 Price verified 9 hours ago

Leaders of the Pack: A Werewolf Anthology


(185 reviews)

Since the dawn of time, across almost every culture, there have been legends of shapeshifters. Men who turn into beasts and prey upon anyone unfortunate enough to cross their path. Of the shapeshifter tales, none invokes as... See More

£3.97 £4.66 Save 15% Price verified 16 hours ago
Comics, Manga & Graphic Novels

Marvel Zombies Return


(125 reviews)

Collects Marvel Zombies Return #1-5. Nothing can withstand the Hunger, the insatiable drive that compels the undead super heroes to devour friends, family, heroes and villains alike. But now, the Marvel Zombies find... See More

£7.19 Price verified 23 hours ago
Comics, Manga & Graphic Novels

Marvel Zombies Return #2


(2 reviews)

The zombies are attacking Stark Industries! Can Tony Stark defeat the demon in the bottle and fight the monsters in the hallways? And how can James Rhodes protect his boss from an unstoppable wave of the flesh-eating undead? See More

£1.59 Price verified 23 hours ago
Crime, Thriller & Mystery

Positive: A Novel


(600 reviews)

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome meets World War Z and I Am Legend in this thrilling tale that has it all: a compelling story, great characters, and explosive action, making Positive the ultimate zombie novel of our time. Anyone... See More

£3.99 Price verified 6 hours ago

The 3rd Spectral Book of Horror Stories


(4 reviews)

The 3rd Spectral Book of Horror Stories Twenty-two tales that will keep you up long past the midnight hour and will etch fear into your very being. "The storm went on for hours. I sped up, trying to outpace it. The thing... See More

£3.99 Price verified 14 hours ago
Action & Adventure

The Undead: Zombie Anthology


(37 reviews)

THE UNDEAD is a stunning collection of 23 tales of the living dead by zombie fan favorites and up-and-coming authors. The Undead includes classic tales of survival in a world populated by the living dead as well as an array... See More

£4.46 Price verified 8 hours ago

Buried Tales of Pinebox, Texas


(6 reviews)

The Buried Tales anthology of horror and supernatural fiction transports you to the rural town of Pinebox, Texas, where secrets are buried but the dead don't always stay that way. Join us for a dozen killer stories by David... See More

£3.73 Price verified one day ago
Science Fiction



(22 reviews)

Jake's senior year of high school is shaping up pretty well, until his guidance counselor takes him aside to put him in a special program. "You're on a Pass/Fail basis now. If you pass enough tests you'll graduate with... See More

£2.23 Price verified 5 hours ago
Children's eBooks



(39 reviews)

What does it take to turn a brother against his sister? Brent, Maggie and their father used to take hikes in the desert. It used to be fun. Until the day they found something... unearthly... and it changed them all forever... See More

£2.22 Price verified 10 hours ago
Science Fiction

Whose Future Is It?: Cellarius Stories, Volume I


(9 reviews)

Dive into the new cyberpunk universe of Cellarius with 13 mind-bending short stories. In the year 2084, almost without warning, all the lights go out. Humans become aware of Cellarius, a superintelligent AI, when it takes... See More

£5.49 Price verified one day ago
Science Fiction

Plague Zone


(213 reviews)

There are a million zombies in the Seattle Plague Zone. Tim needs to find and kill just one. In the midst of world-wide apocalypse, there are still some things a man has to do. Like get vengeance for his lost family. From... See More

£3.14 Price verified one day ago
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