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Books by Edoardo Albert

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Politics & Social Sciences

The Perfect Sword: Forging the Dark Ages


(21 reviews)

The story of the Bamburgh Sword - one of the finest swords ever forged. In 2000, archaeologist Paul Gething rediscovered a sword. An unprepossessing length of rusty metal, it had been left in a suitcase for thirty years... See More

£5.79 £15.99 Save 64% Price verified 12 hours ago

Warrior: A Life of War in Anglo-Saxon Britain


(63 reviews)

Warrior tells the story of forgotten man, a man whose bones were found in an Anglo-Saxon graveyard at Bamburgh castle in Northumberland. It is the story of a violent time when Britain was defining itself in waves of... See More

£6.99 £7.99 Save 13% Price verified 2 hours ago
Religion & Spirituality

London: A Spiritual History


(13 reviews)

This book takes the reader through London and its spiritual history - what its inhabitants believed, what they worshipped, where, when and how; the landmarks, the names, the issues and the arguments. Written in a more or... See More

£8.73 Price verified 14 hours ago
Science Fiction

The Successors (Warhammer 40,000)


(106 reviews)

A Space Marine Anthology The successor Chapters of the Space Marines number in the hundreds, founded to fight for the survival of the Imperium. Across 13 short stories by 10 different authors, discover the history, customs... See More

£6.49 £7.99 Save 19% Price verified one day ago
Science Fiction

Sabbat War (Warhammer 40,000)


(112 reviews)

A Sabbat Worlds Anthology As the forces of Chaos are thrown back from a dozen worlds, the forces of the Imperium forge ever deeper into the Sabbat Worlds in a savage campaign of reconquest. READ IT BECAUSE Experience 10... See More

£6.49 £7.99 Save 19% Price verified 13 hours ago
Historical Fiction

Conrad Monk and the Great Heathen Army


(188 reviews)

'If I was being invaded by raping, massacring Vikings, Conrad would be the perfect companion to lighten the mood.' - Stephen Clarke, author of 1000 Years of Annoying the French and The French Revolution & What Went... See More

£1.99 Price verified 13 hours ago

Inferno! Volume 4 (Warhammer 40,000)


(40 reviews)

Tales from the Worlds of Warhammer Aelven treasure hunters seek plunder in the Realm of Death, a sinister storm threatens travellers seeking refuge at an inn, and an Inquisitor delves into dark horrors - among many other... See More

£6.49 £7.99 Save 19% Price verified one hour ago
Science Fiction

Lords of the Storm (Novella Series 2 Book 5)


(9 reviews)

A Fulminators novella A young warrior hides on a storm-wracked shrine world, sheltering sacred artefacts from the dread servants of Chaos who would defile them. As the storm wanes, hope fades... until the Fulminators... See More

£4.99 Price verified one day ago
Science Fiction

Born of the Storm (Warhammer 40,000)


(10 reviews)

Summer of Reading 2019 - Day 5 When Astra Militarum Cadet Augustin encounters his first dangers, little does he expect the journey it will take him on... READ IT BECAUSE Take a look at the unorthodox recruitment methods... See More

£1.99 £2.49 Save 20% Price verified one day ago
Science Fiction

Last Flight (Warhammer 40,000)


(12 reviews)

An Imperial Navy story For the crew of the Marauder bomber Spirit of St. Pascale, a dangerous mission could leave them stranded in dangerous waters, where vicious creatures hunger... READ IT BECAUSE Get into the... See More

£1.99 £2.49 Save 20% Price verified 13 hours ago

Northumbria: The Lost Kingdom


(152 reviews)

Northumbria was one of the great kingdoms of Britain in the Dark Ages, enduring longer than the Roman Empire. Yet it has been all but forgotten. This book puts Northumbria back in its rightful place, at the heart of British... See More

£9.99 Price verified 13 hours ago
Religious & Inspirational Fiction

Midnight Diner 3


(1 review)

The Midnight Diner is a hardboiled genre anthology with a Christian slant. No restrictions on God, no restrictions on reality. Didactic preachy works are dismissed unceremoniously; we're looking for high quality works that... See More

£0.99 Price verified 2 days ago
Science Fiction

Kasrkin (Warhammer 40,000)


(174 reviews)

An Astra Militarum Novel An elite squad of Cadian Kasrkin are tasked with a critical mission behind enemy lines. They must rescue their general in xenos-held territory before his dangerous knowledge falls into enemy hands... See More

£6.49 Price verified one day ago
Science Fiction

Silent Hunters (Warhammer 40,000)


(266 reviews)

A Carcharodons novel With a millennia-long hunt close to its end, Carcharodons Chaplain Manu must redouble his efforts as he ventures into the nightmare city of Commorragh. READ IT BECAUSE This is your chance to learn... See More

£6.49 Price verified one day ago
Science Fiction

Green and Grey (Warhammer 40,000)


(20 reviews)

An Astra Militarum story Alone, trapped within the ruined hulk of his Leman Russ, Lucius Stilo's first mission as a tank crewman isn't going quite as he had hoped... READ IT BECAUSE Get deep into the head of a green... See More

£1.99 Price verified one day ago
Biography & True Accounts

Professor Tolkien of Oxford


(6 reviews)

Professor Tolkien's time at the great university city of Oxford proved a valuable source of inspiration and information for 'The Hobbit' and 'The Lord of the Rings'. Using photographs both new and old, as well as specially... See More

£2.29 Price verified 2 days ago
Genre Fiction

The Colored Lens:Spring 2012


(1 review)

The goal of speculative fiction has always been to examine the real world through the lens of the imaginary. By considering what could be, we gain a better understanding of what is. The Colored Lens strives to do exactly... See More

£3.95 Price verified 2 days ago
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