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Books by J.R. Rain

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Moon Blaze (Samantha Moon Adventures Book 6)


(253 reviews)

After crossing paths with a Viking goddess in Denmark, Samantha Moon and the gang continue their whirlwind European tour... Next stop: Paris. When the gang comes across a strange homeless girl in the soot-covered clothing... See More

£2.40 £3.20 Save 25% Price verified 3 hours ago
Crime, Thriller & Mystery

Silver Heart (Alexis Silver, Mermaid Detective Book 5)


(295 reviews)

True love can withstand distance and time... but can it survive immortality? Over her more than a century as a mermaid, Alexis Silver never really questioned how her first husband had such an effect on her despite the brief... See More

£4.01 £4.81 Save 17% Price verified 3 hours ago
Children's eBooks

The Secret of Stonehead Island (The Robot Twins Book 2)


(2 reviews)

A family vacation to visit Stonehead Island turns into a desperate search to find their missing robot friend, Meek. With Jed and Rick hot on Meek's trail, they come across another crime in progress. Nothing, however, will... See More

£0.99 £2.44 Save 59% Price verified 5 hours ago
Crime, Thriller & Mystery

The Witch and the Hangman (The Witches Series Book 5)


(190 reviews)

The Hangman always gets his due. Allison Lopez has almost got her life back to something akin to normal. The radio station survived the wrath of the Jaguar God, so she at least has a steady job. And being a nighttime... See More

£4.01 £4.81 Save 17% Price verified 8 hours ago

Vampire Campfire (Story Collective Book 2)


(89 reviews)

On their way home from the local corner market, two best friends take the usual shortcut through the woods... and come across something glowing in the near distance. Curious, the boys investigate... and soon discover a... See More

£2.40 £2.42 Price verified 11 hours ago
Crime, Thriller & Mystery

The Witch and the Englishman (The Witches Series Book 2)


(934 reviews)

Witch and psychic Allison Lopez returns, and her powers are only growing stronger... When client's daughter is arrested for a murder she can't remember, Allison embarks on a quest for answers. And quickly realizes she's... See More

£2.40 £2.41 Price verified 15 hours ago

Samantha Moon Case Files: The Complete Trilogy


(19 reviews)

Boxed set of the complete "Samantha Moon Case Files" of time travel vampire mysteries! Included in this collection: MOON BAYOU (#1): Samantha Moon loses everything?her kids, her beloved, the very unlife she knows?when a... See More

£4.01 £8.00 Save 50% Price verified 18 hours ago
Crime, Thriller & Mystery

Easy Rider (Jim Knighthorse)


(277 reviews)

When Knighthorse discovers a female burglar sleeping in his office, he officially knows his day is off on the wrong foot. Camry is a woman who knows too much. Now on the run from a biker gang, she asks for Knighthorse's... See More

FREE £3.21 Save 100% Price verified 56 minutes ago
Crime, Thriller & Mystery

Silver Quarrel (Alexis Silver, Mermaid Detective Book 3)


(444 reviews)

Alexis Silver has worked as a private eye long enough to have many strange clients try to hire her... But the CIA is a first. And so is a desperate man searching for a missing vampire. People have secrets, mermaids more... See More

£3.20 £3.26 Price verified 10 hours ago
Crime, Thriller & Mystery

Containment (Winter Solstice, Elf Mysteries Book 2)


(409 reviews)

Something stirs in the murk of the Volga River, something big, emerging at night to sow mayhem and death along the banks... And Since Solstice Winters is already stranded at ground zero, she agrees to help, even though... See More

£2.40 £2.44 Price verified 13 hours ago
Crime, Thriller & Mystery

Deep Silver (Alexis Silver, Mermaid Detective Book 2)


(596 reviews)

Alexis Silver has always defied convention... in the 1920s, she tried to attend college. She also prefers to live on land and she doesn't really care for the taste of human flesh. Oh, by the way, she's also a mermaid. A... See More

£2.40 £4.81 Save 50% Price verified 13 hours ago
Crime, Thriller & Mystery

The Witch and the Huntsman (The Witches Series Book 3)


(543 reviews)

Allison Lopez is not your everyday Psychic Hotline operator. She's a real psychic with real abilities that seem to grow daily, thanks to her close association with an immortal friend. When Allison receives a call from... See More

£3.20 £4.81 Save 33% Price verified 17 hours ago
Crime, Thriller & Mystery

Vampire Widow: A Samantha Moon Story


(123 reviews)

Giant arachnids, killer snowmen, ravenous sharks, ghostly motorcades, and the mother of all lobsters -- it's all in here, including a new Samantha Moon story! Included in this collection: "Vampire Widow" - Tammy Moon hears... See More

FREE £2.40 Save 100% Price verified 52 minutes ago
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