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Science Fiction

Future Americas (Daw Science Fiction)


(3 reviews)

Predicting the future has long been a cornerstone of science fiction. Now seventeen farseeing authors have taken up the challenge of gazing into the future and seeing where America may be the day after tomorrow. From an... See More

£5.50 £5.51 Price verified 21 hours ago
Anthologies & Literature Collections

Castle of Horror Anthology Volume Two: Holiday Horrors


(39 reviews)

The Castle of Horror Anthology is BACK with a collection of horror stories around the holidays, including but not exclusively the ones around the end of the year. We've reached out to the world's most skilled horroricians... See More

£2.38 £3.86 Save 38% Price verified 9 hours ago
Science Fiction

BattleTech: The Battle of Tukayyid


(192 reviews)

ALL OR NOTHING... On 1 May 3052, twenty-five Galaxies from seven Clans clashed with twelve armies of ComStar's Com Guards on the pastoral planet of Tukayyid. For twenty-one days, one of the largest campaigns in BattleMech... See More

£4.38 Price verified 5 hours ago
Children's eBooks

The Nightmare Expeditions: Welcome to Nocturnea


When an orphaned teen's childhood imaginary friend starts visiting him again, telling him his parents are still alive in another dimension, it's only natural that the boy would begin to wonder if he's gone crazy. It's only... See More

£2.23 Price verified 10 hours ago
Science Fiction

Shadowrun Legends: Aftershocks


(9 reviews)

The troll known as Hood and his fellow Shadowrunners steal some biotechnological agriculture from the Plantech Corporation--only to find themselves framed for murder and tied to an even greater conspiracy. See More

£3.99 Price verified 5 hours ago
Science Fiction

Towering Yarns


(4 reviews)

Sci-Fi heavyweights come together to bring the reality of the Space Elevator to life. From the discovery of the tether material, to rescue, revenge, religious rule and a recluse, enter the fascinating possibilities of the... See More

£2.80 Price verified 8 hours ago
Science Fiction

BattleTech: Legacy: A BattleTech Anthology


(163 reviews)

IN THE 31ST CENTURY, LIFE IS CHEAP... A Draconis Combine warrior struggles with immoral orders in the First Succession War. A House Davion MechWarrior participates in a risky heist as part of Operation Guerrero. A history... See More

£3.92 Price verified 23 minutes ago

Shadowrun: Sprawl Stories: Volume One


(56 reviews)

MEAN STREETS? YOU HAVE NO IDEA... The Sixth World is a dangerous place, and nowhere is that more obvious than in Seattle, the so-called Emerald City. Surrounding its neon-drenched heart is kilometer after kilometer of... See More

£3.99 Price verified one day ago
Science Fiction

Shadowrun: The Complete Frame Job


(53 reviews)

FIVE RUNNERS. ONE JOB. And a Whole Lot of Trouble... It should have been a simple walk in the corp. Stroll into a mid-level corporation disguised as a nameless mid-level manager in a suit, deliver an unknown data package... See More

£3.81 Price verified 2 days ago
Science Fiction

Master of Orion: To the Stars


(1 review)

VENTURE OUT INTO THE UNIVERSE... The Master of Orion gamelets players take their place as one of thirteen different races of the galaxy, each seeking to carve out their own empire from the stars. Now, Catalyst Game Labs... See More

£3.82 Price verified 8 hours ago
Science Fiction

BattleTech: The Proliferation Cycle


(77 reviews)

THE DAWN OF A NEW AGE... In the 25th century, humankind is locked in a seemingly endless cycle of warfare as each of the Great Houses seeks to expand their holdings at the cost of the others. But in 2438, the Terran... See More

£3.53 Price verified one day ago
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