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Books by Justin Hunter

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Coming of Age

The Wasting Boys


"There's something that typically developing people do to people who have special needs- it's putting their life expectations onto them. All they see is the things they can never be or experience. They see their lives as... See More

£0.99 Price verified 45 minutes ago
Teen & Young Adult



Tim is fifteen. His mother died in a car accident. He's sent to live with his recluse uncle who has spent the last five years setting death traps all over his farm. Tim and his uncle have more in common than they know. As... See More

£0.99 Price verified 13 hours ago
Teen & Young Adult

Alternative School Freaks


Hydro, DT, Lockjaw, Pinkie, Skidmark, and Drugs are heading out after curfew. They call themselves the Midnight Rampage Club. It's all in harmless fun. Their night out turns into a nightmare. A living Monster. A town secret... See More

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Humour & Satire

Chet & Floyd vs. the Apocalypse: Volume 2


The darkest of comedies is back! The dysfunctional duo returns for an apocalyptic romp full of ultra-violence, Cannibalism, Volkswagens, and unapologetically vicious tongue-in-cheek satire. In this volume, Chet and Floyd... See More

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Humour & Satire

Chet & Floyd vs. the Apocalypse: Volume 1


(1 review)

Welcome to the darkest of comedies. Chet & Floyd vs. the Apocalypse: Volume 1 is a tribute to the anti-hero. This lightning paced, ultra-violent novel will find and tickle the blackest part of your funny bone. The big death... See More

£0.99 Price verified 12 hours ago
Crime, Thriller & Mystery

Paroxysm Sixty-Five


In this America Social Security is depleted, broken and destroyed. The Social Security Reclamation Act is enacted to restore monies wasted for decades on the entitled elderly. Government assistance is terminated at age... See More

£3.74 Price verified 3 hours ago

Ghosts: Revenge


(2 reviews)

Everyone likes a good ghost story. You'll find this collection both entertaining and haunting. Some of the biggest names in horror have come together to offer their take on what it might be like to be a ghost, and an angry... See More

£2.29 Price verified 15 hours ago



(7 reviews)

The dark fiction novel Nostalgia delves into the lives of Mike and Brett. The men share a significant event in their past that, due to Mike's head trauma, only Brett remembers. Each of their lives bears scars from what... See More

£2.15 Price verified 13 hours ago
Science Fiction

What's Eating Keegan The Vegan


(2 reviews)

Keegan is a late-night public access radio show host, sexual deviant, and militant vegan. He has grown tired of his vegan cause being treated with apathy by the portly, meat-gorging, residents of the small town of Breen Gay... See More

£2.19 Price verified 7 hours ago



Jim Goforth, Dani Brown, Michael Noe, the Sisters of Slaughter, Justin Hunter and a dozen other authors make up this collection of toxic, tales of inebriation, sex and violence. Trashed is a perfect blend of Horror and... See More

£2.31 Price verified 33 minutes ago

Forged in Battle (Warhammer Fantasy)


(8 reviews)

Sigmund and his Ragged Company may not be the most refined soldiers in the armies of the Empire, but when the massed forces of Chaos are bearing down on you in all their horror, you don't worry too much about shiny uniforms... See More

£5.49 Price verified 9 hours ago

Suburban Secrets 3: Home Invasion


Home isn't always where the heart is. Sometimes, home is where the violence is. What happens when your safe place becomes quite the opposite; when the term 'home sweet home' no longer applies? Find out the answers in the... See More

£3.20 Price verified 9 hours ago
Anthologies & Literature Collections

Insectile Illusion (Project 26 Book 9)


Nothing makes the skin crawl more than skin crawling with insects. Making their way into every orifice, burrowing through flesh to lay their eggs by the million; you, their unwilling host. Swarms invading your home... See More

£3.09 Price verified 8 hours ago
Genre Fiction

Cast Away Stones


Atticus is OUTCAST Elijah is SMOTHERED Elanore is WHORISH Clive is SOCIOPATHIC Tim ENABLES Lauren is WEAK Tom is ABUSIVE They are us. We are them. Watch for the raccoon. Cast Away Stones is a story about three people whose... See More

£3.74 Price verified 12 hours ago
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