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Books by Robert Charles Wilson

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The Affinities


(63 reviews)

In our rapidly-changing world of "social media", everyday people are more and more able to sort themselves into social groups based on finer and finer criteria. In the near future of Robert Charles Wilson's The Affinities... See More

£8.44 Price verified 5 hours ago
Science Fiction

Burning Paradise


(102 reviews)

From Robert Charles Wilson, the author of the Hugo-winning Spin, comes Burning Paradise, a new tale of humans coming to grips with a universe of implacable strangeness. Cassie Klyne, nineteen years old, lives in the United... See More

£6.70 £6.79 Price verified 11 hours ago
Science Fiction



(895 reviews)

One night in October when he was ten years old, Tyler Dupree stood in his back yard and watched the stars go out. They all flared into brilliance at once, then disappeared, replaced by a flat, empty black barrier. He and his... See More

£4.99 Price verified 7 hours ago

Last Year


(83 reviews)

Two events made September 1st a memorable day for Jesse Cullum. First, he lost a pair of Oakley sunglasses. Second, he saved the life of President Ulysses S. Grant. In the near future of Robert Charles Wilson's Last Year... See More

£6.74 Price verified 9 hours ago
eBooks in Foreign Languages

Vortex: Roman (German Edition)


(227 reviews)

Ein galaktisches, schier unlösbares Rätsel Völlig ahnungslos wird Turk Findley zehntausend Jahre in eine Zukunft geschickt, in der sich die Menschheit auf mehrere Planeten verteilt hat, die durch Tore verbunden sind... See More

£6.24 Price verified 20 hours ago
Crime, Thriller & Mystery

Memory Wire


(9 reviews)

To escape his past, Keller has become an Eye - an all-seeing, unfeeling human video recorder. But his detachment fails when he meets Teresa, and he becomes involved in murder, smuggling and worse. See More

£1.99 £2.99 Save 33% Price verified 6 hours ago
Science Fiction



(12 reviews)

Karen White can open 'doors' between universes. This power, which she shares with her brother and sister, has been suppressed since childhood. But now it appears in her teenage son, Michael, who is approached by a mysterious... See More

£1.99 £2.99 Save 33% Price verified 4 hours ago
Science Fiction

The Perseids and Other Stories


(3 reviews)

In his first story collection, Robert Charles Wilson, one of the most distinguished SF authors of his generation, weaves a tapestry of tales set in and around the city of Toronto - a haunted, numinous Toronto of past... See More

£1.99 £2.99 Save 33% Price verified 15 hours ago
Crime, Thriller & Mystery

Julian Comstock: A Story of the 22nd Century


(49 reviews)

From the Hugo-winning author of Spin, an exuberant adventure in a post-climate-change America In the reign of President Deklan Comstock, a reborn United States is struggling back to prosperity. Over a century after the... See More

£1.99 £2.99 Save 33% Price verified 8 hours ago
Crime, Thriller & Mystery

A Bridge of Years


(62 reviews)

A secluded Pacific Northwest cottage becomes a door to the past for Tom Winter, who travels back to the New York City of 1962, followed by a human killing machine that he alone must stop. See More

£2.99 £3.99 Save 25% Price verified 11 hours ago
Science Fiction

The Harvest


(29 reviews)

Physician Matt Wheeler is one of the few who said no to eternity. As he watches his friends, his colleagues, even his beloved daughter transform into something more-and-less-than human, Matt suddenly finds everything he once... See More

£3.99 Price verified 10 hours ago
Science Fiction

Axis (Spin Book 2)


(304 reviews)

The World Next Door. Engineered by the mysterious Hypotheticals to support human life, it's connected to Earth by way of the Arch that towers hundreds of miles over the Indian ocean. Humans are colonizing this new world... See More

£3.99 £4.99 Save 20% Price verified 5 hours ago
Action & Adventure

Vortex (Spin Book 3)


(299 reviews)

Spin ended with the alien Hypotheticals setting a vast Arch over the Indian Ocean. Those who sailed under it found themselves on Equatoria, another planet entirely. In Axis, a secretive Equatorian community of Fourths... See More

£3.99 £4.99 Save 20% Price verified 3 hours ago
Science Fiction

Bios (Gateway Essentials Book 276)


(55 reviews)

It is the 22nd century. Interstellar travel is possible, but colossally expensive, so humankind's efforts are focused on the only nearby Earth-like world. Isis is rich with plant and animal life, but every molecule of it is... See More

£2.99 Price verified 5 hours ago
Science Fiction

Darwinia (Gateway Essentials Book 2)


(68 reviews)

In 1912 the world changes overnight. Europe and all its inhabitants disappear, replaced by a primeval continent which becomes known as Darwinia: a strange land in which evolution has followed a different path. To some this... See More

£2.99 £3.49 Save 14% Price verified 7 hours ago
Science Fiction

Blind Lake


(126 reviews)

Robert Charles Wilson, says The New York Times, "writes superior science fiction thrillers." His Darwinia won Canada's Aurora Award; his most recent novel, The Chronoliths, won the prestigious John W. Campbell Memorial... See More

£2.99 Price verified 3 hours ago
Crime, Thriller & Mystery

A Hidden Place


(20 reviews)

In the hard years of the Depression, young Travis lives with his uncle and aunt. Upstairs lives the mysterious Anna. Anna says she's going to be "changing", and she needs Travis's help... for purposes she won't explain. What... See More

£2.99 Price verified one day ago
Science Fiction



(53 reviews)

In the early hours before dawn, a small Michigan town vanishes from the face of the earth. That morning the men and women of Two Rivers wake up in a world strangely different from their own - a world of curfews, food... See More

£2.99 Price verified 11 hours ago
Science Fiction

The Divide


(6 reviews)

He was designed to be the perfect man. And at first the experiment seemed a success. John Shaw - the product of secret government research into enhanced intelligence - was from birth far beyond anything human. Brilliant and... See More

£2.99 Price verified 19 hours ago

Lightspeed Magazine, February 2014


LIGHTSPEED is an online science fiction and fantasy magazine. In its pages, you will find science fiction: from near-future, sociological soft SF, to far-future, star-spanning hard SF--and fantasy: from epic fantasy... See More

£2.90 Price verified 14 minutes ago
Science Fiction

Clarkesworld Magazine Issue 88


(1 review)

Clarkesworld is a Hugo Award-winning science fiction and fantasy magazine. Each month they bring you a mix of fiction (new and classic works), articles, interviews and art. Our January 2014 issue contains: * Original... See More

£2.17 Price verified 15 hours ago
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