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Religion & Spirituality

Jesus Christ Superstition


(76 reviews)

Robert M. Price, a former Evangelical Christian, examines the confusing intersection of Christianity and superstition by asking questions. Is "practicing the presence of God" actually a variety of paranoia? Is having a... See More

£5.09 £5.99 Save 15% Price verified one day ago

Atheism and Faitheism


(10 reviews)

Theologian and writer Robert M. Price is perhaps best known today for his scholarly arguments against the existence of a historical Jesus. Yet, he has been at various times in his career an agnostic, an exponent of Liberal... See More

£8.02 Price verified one day ago
Religion & Spirituality

The Gospels Behind the Gospels


(14 reviews)

What if we have been missing a whole stage of how the canonical gospels came to be? What if there were a whole raft of prior Jesus narratives, whether written or oral, the fragmentary vestiges of which now appear in Matthew... See More

£7.49 Price verified one day ago
Religion & Spirituality

The Needletoe Letters


(9 reviews)

C.S. Lewis' classic The Screwtape Letters is full of keen wit and wise counsel--if one is a Christian believer. Such a reader will find much to ponder in its pages. But suppose one begins to question whether it is the voice... See More

£7.46 Price verified 16 hours ago
Religion & Spirituality

Killing History: Jesus In The No-Spin Zone


(65 reviews)

Killing Jesus, the bestselling blockbuster by Bill O'Reilly, claims to be a purely historical account of the events in the life of Jesus leading up to his crucifixion. New Testament scholar Robert M. Price (a member of the... See More

£10.36 £12.95 Save 20% Price verified 10 hours ago

The Politically Correct Bible


(9 reviews)

Liberal Protestants have produced a whole raft of "inclusive language" Bibles. But these scriptures don't come near to making the Bible acceptable to the leftist sensibilities of Liberal Christians. What would the Bible have... See More

£4.79 Price verified one day ago
Politics & Social Sciences

The Empty Tomb: Jesus Beyond The Grave


(18 reviews)

Did Jesus rise from the dead? Although 19th- and early 20th-century biblical scholarship dismissed the resurrection narratives as late, legendary accounts, Christian apologists in the late 20th century revived historical... See More

£20.00 Price verified 3 hours ago
Religion & Spirituality

The Case Against Miracles


(65 reviews)

For as long as the idea of "miracles" has been in the public sphere, the conversation about them has been shaped exclusively by religious apologists and Christian leaders. The definitions for what a miracles are have been... See More

£7.99 Price verified 2 days ago
History & Criticism

Discovering H.P. Lovecraft


(16 reviews)

A definitive look at the life and work of horror writer H.P. Lovecraft, by a leading scholar of the fantasy and horror field. Complete list of contents: INTRODUCTION, by Darrell Schweitzer NOTES ON AN ENTITY, by Robert... See More

£3.82 Price verified 2 days ago

Young Thongor


(24 reviews)

Lin Carter's greatest creation, the barbarian swordsman Thongor of Lemuria, returns in his first new book in more than 20 years! "Young Thongor" collects Carter's short stories about Thongor's earliest adventures. Drawing on... See More

£2.99 £3.99 Save 25% Price verified 6 hours ago

Lovecraft eZine - December 2014 - Issue 33


(4 reviews)

Welcome to issue #33! I have another eight Lovecraftian tales for you this issue, and of course there's the usual column by Robert M. Price, and the "Cthulhu Does Stuff" comic. Enjoy! TABLE OF CONTENTS Cthulhu Does Stuff... See More

£1.99 Price verified 2 hours ago

Mark of the Beast: A Collection of Werewolf Stories


(11 reviews)

Herein are gathered a number of tales portraying the glorious and bestial nature of the werewolf. There are horror, sci-fi, Gothic, cyber, fairy tale and fantasy stories and poems that embrace the essence of the beast, told... See More

£5.89 £5.97 Price verified 2 hours ago

Beyond the Mountains of Madness


(58 reviews)

Antarctica... a frozen wasteland of penguins, blinding ice and snow, and blizzards to kill the unprepared in minutes. But it is an ancient land, with ancient secrets, mysteries that humanity is only beginning to glimpse. HP... See More

£5.32 Price verified 6 hours ago
Religion & Spirituality

Varieties of Jesus Mythicism: Did He Even Exist?


(38 reviews)

To most people on the planet, the existence of Jesus is a given: "Of course he did!" They take it for granted that he existed simply because it reaffirms their faith. But to the rest of us who don't believe in a supernatural... See More

£6.99 Price verified 23 hours ago
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