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Books by Tabitha Ormiston-Smith

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Humour & Satire

Bloodsucking Bogans


(2 reviews)

Dingo Flats hasn't been the same since the Murphy family moved back to town. The boys are delinquents, the daughter's a disgrace, and old Granny Murphy is constantly causing trouble. Even the dogs are delinquents. The crime... See More

£4.34 £4.46 Price verified one day ago
Short Stories

With Coffee Spoons


Collected short fiction. A woman with a toxic mother-in-law, a man who crosses a social barrier and finds there is no way back, a man who loves his wife and reaps terrible trouble because of it, a homeless man, a dance... See More

£4.55 Price verified one day ago
Short Stories

Winter Tales


(11 reviews)

For some, winter is a time to anticipate the string of end-of-year celebrations; once Halloween and Thanksgiving are over, the focus shifts to the winter festivals; Christmas, Chanukah, New Year's, and for some, Kwaanza or... See More

£1.99 Price verified 21 hours ago
Science Fiction

Plan 559 From Outer Space, Mk. I


Science fiction. (Oh, I desperately want the next two words to be 'Double Feature,' but no... ) The term sci-fi was coined by Famous Monsters magazine publisher Forrest J. Ackerman (lovingly remembered as 'The Ackermonster,'... See More

£1.99 Price verified 8 hours ago
Genre Fiction

Summer Dreams


(24 reviews)

Summer. It's the time when we take vacations, go swimming, and generally veg out. Many people like to find some light summer reading for the long, lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. If that's you, you've come to the right... See More

£1.99 Price verified one day ago
Short Stories

Once Upon A Dragon


(1 review)

A non-themed, cross-genre collection of short fiction, including fantasy, science fiction and horror as well as general fiction. Once Upon A Dragon is a bit like a box of mixed chocolates. Some are hard centres, some soft... See More

£2.29 Price verified one day ago

Other Realms: A Collection of Fantasy Tales


(6 reviews)

Strange things are afoot. Creatures never before seen are stalking the lands. Dragons, Orcs and Humans, among others, are competing for the spoils of the Kingdoms. In tales that will keep you hanging on until the very end... See More

£1.99 Price verified 22 hours ago
Crime, Thriller & Mystery

Operation Tomcat


(7 reviews)

Left almost penniless after divorcing her cheating husband, Tammy moves to the country to reinvent her life. But life in a country town isn't as simple as it looks... See More

£2.28 Price verified 18 hours ago
Genre Fiction

No Such Thing


(2 reviews)

Callie Jones and her dad are devastated when the bank threatens to foreclose on their home. But help comes from an unexpected quarter, and Callie learns that actions have consequences, and sometimes the price you pay can be... See More

£2.28 Price verified 19 hours ago
Humour & Satire

King's Ransom


(3 reviews)

What really went on back in 1193? Was Richard Lionheart really the hero we think? Was John really that bad? And who was Robin Hood, no really, who was he? Find out the answers to all these questions and more, in this... See More

£3.07 Price verified 18 hours ago
Teen & Young Adult

Melanie's Diary


Melanie's life is out of control. Her status-hungry parents have forced her grandmother into a home, and she's under siege from the school bully. But things are going to get a lot worse before they get better... See More

£1.52 Price verified one day ago
Teen & Young Adult

Dancing Feet


(4 reviews)

Ashley is devastated when her widowed father returns from his business trip with a new wife and her two daughters in tow. Pushed to one side by the interlopers, can she make a new life for herself? See More

£2.28 Price verified one day ago
Education & Reference

Fifty Shades of Grammar


Everyone, it's said, has one book inside him, but getting it out can be problematical. Perhaps you can't English very well, or you work long hours and just don't have time, or you started writing and then got stuck? Fear... See More

£3.05 Price verified one day ago
Genre Fiction

Fiona! (Fiona MacDougall)


The complete Fiona MacDougall series. Dance of Chaos: Lazy, frivolous, conceited and totally self centred, Fiona MacDougall is not an asset to the workforce. When she applies for a transfer to the Infotech department of her... See More

£4.61 Price verified one day ago
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