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"Geronimo and The Apache Wars: Life of Tom Horn, Government Scout, Geronimo's Story of His Life, Annals of Old Fort Cummings, New Mexico 1867-1868, The Dread Apache: Early Day Scourge of the Southwest" (4 Volumes In 1) by (in order) Tom Horn, Geronimo (told to S. M. Barrett), William Thornton Parker, M. D., and Merrill P. Freeman is an inside, eyewitness look at the Apache Indian struggle that raged in the American Southwest from 1865 to 1887. The four different books show this bloody struggle from both the Apache point of view and that of the white man.

Book I, "War With Geronimo & The Apache: Life Of Tom Horn, Government Scout & Interpreter; A Vindication" by Tom Horn is an eyewitness look at the Apache Wars & attempts to suppress the Chiricahua Apache led by the legendary Chief Geronimo in the 1880s. It is the autobiography of Tom Horn and. as such it provides a first-hand view of the problems faced by the Cavalry in pursuing the wily Geronimo & his Chiricahua tribe.

Book II, "Geronimo's Story of His Life" by Apache War Chief Geronimo as taken down by Stephen M. Barrett, is the autobiography by the legendary Apache Chief in his own words. Though outnumbered, Geronimo fought against both Mexican and United States troops from 1858 to 1886 and became famous for his daring exploits and numerous escapes from capture making him the most famous Native American of the time and earning him the title of the "worst Indian who ever lived" among the area's white settlers. He also relates some of the Apache laws, customs, & religious rituals making this a valuable first-hand, eyewitness account of Apache Tribal life. Readers can also decide for themselves if Geronimo was treated fairly by the government after his surrender..

Book III, "Apaches Incidents in New Mexico; Annals of Old Fort Cummings, New Mexico 1867-1868" by William Thornton Parker M. D. is an eyewitness look at the early history of Fort Cummings, New Mexico. This fort was established to protect the Pony Express riders & emigrants to California on the Texas-California Trail. The Fort was situated near Cooke's Springs, the only large supply of fresh water between Mesilla and the Mimbres River for wagons heading to California. Cooke's Canyon the pass near the spring was a dangerous place for travelers who were often ambushed and killed by the Apache as they passed through it. Cooke's Pass was a favored location for ambushes and acquired the name Massacre Canyon.
Parker's short book of 14,000+ words gives a description of this pivotal fort & early troubles with the Apache Indians mostly due to the mishandling & mistreatment of Cochise's band of Apache by Lieutenant George Bascom. This led to the Apache Wars which lasted about 30 years & cost thousands of settler's lives on both sides of the border.

Book IV, "Apache Incidents in Arizona; The Dread Apache:That Early Day Scourge of the Southwest " by Merrill Pingree Freman is a look at some of the depredations of the Apache in the early days in southern Arizona. Freeman was a local historian specializing in recording notable facts regarding early Arizona history of which this short book of about 7,800+ words is an example.

All four books in one inexpensive e-book--containing over 146,000 words and the illustrations originally contained in the four volumes.--that gives a view of the Apache Wars from both sides.

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