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Teen & Young Adult

Celestra Series Books 1-3
by Addison Moore
4.8 Stars (6 Reviews) Price verified 33 minutes ago

Young Adult Paranormal Romance From the NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author, Addison Moore This Boxed set includes the first 3 books in an 8 book series. ETHEREAL: Sixteen year-old, Skyla Messenger is a dead girl walking. When her newly remarried... see more >>>

Crime, Thriller & Mystery

Black Jasmine (Lei CrimeBook 3)
by Toby Neal
4.4 Stars (8 Reviews) Price verified 33 minutes ago

“Toby Neal's stories have a relentless, charged energy that heats up every page.” Holly Robinson, author of Sleeping Tigers The island of Maui is turquoise ocean, stunning vistas, and whalesong—but organized crime has a hidden hold, and... see more >>>

Action & Adventure

The History Thief: Ten Days Lost (The Sterling Novels)
by Joseph Nagle
4.4 Stars (18 Reviews) Price verified 34 minutes ago

In JS Nagle's freshman debut and acclaimed thriller, The Hand of Christ, CIA Officer, Dr. Michael Sterling dealt a severe blow to the Order: an organization whose charter for centuries has been to infiltrate governments and corporations with pawns that they... see more >>>

Health & Fitness

The Top 10 Lyme Disease Treatments: Defeat Lyme Disease with the Best of Conventional and Alternative Medicine
by Bryan Rosner
4.4 Stars (7 Reviews) Price verified 44 minutes ago

New Lyme Disease treatments are desperately needed. This book provides them. The book identifies ten cutting-edge conventional and alternative treatments and gives practical guidance on integrating them into a comprehensive treatment plan that maximizes... see more >>>

Business & Finance

Would Your Boss Punch You In The Face & Then Laugh When You Bleed?
by John Davy
4.4 Stars (9 Reviews) Price verified 29 minutes ago

Would Your Boss Punch You In The Face & Then Laugh When You Bleed? This short book isfor you. If you enjoy it and can believe in what I say then I would be pretty pleased if you a shared it with someone else. It is the tale of how I went from working for some... see more >>>


Angels (a metaphysical horror story)
by B A Spicer
4.6 Stars (7 Reviews) Price verified 29 minutes ago

A metaphysical horror story. When a mother loses her daughter to bullying at school, she decides to take revenge.'Angels' is a story of loss and the human fascination with the metaphysical world. Please note that this is a short story. see more >>>

Essays & Correspondence

The Binary Year
by Anna Maslin
4.5 Stars (32 Reviews) Price verified 29 minutes ago

Re-edited August 2014 On 01:01:11 Anna woke up to the New Year.She was 50, worked on global health issues, had four children, one husband and one dog, On 01:01:12 Anna woke up to the New Year.She was 51, everything had changed including the dog. ‘The... see more >>>

Action & Adventure

An Atlantean Triumvirate
by C. Craig R. McNeil
3.7 Stars (16 Reviews) Price verified 29 minutes ago

It is the mid 1930s. Having discovered Atlantis and its long lost technology at the end of the 19th century, Britain waxed into an all powerful superpower dominating the seas and skies with mighty dreadnaughts capable of levelling entire armies. But something... see more >>>


Lords of Retribution (Lords of Avalon Book 3)
by K. R. Richards
5.0 Stars (12 Reviews) Price verified 59 minutes ago

Trevan Chynoweth returns to Cornwall to find his impatientfiancée, Wenna Penrose, promised to another man. Trevan is not willing to give up his long-time love. Meanwhile, his cousin, Gabriel Chynoweth, fights his sudden, physical attraction to Wenna’s... see more >>>

Family Life

Have a Nice Weekend
by Ian Ellis
4.3 Stars (22 Reviews) Price verified 44 minutes ago

Will Frampton’s life has not gone quite as he had planned. Although truth be told he never really had a plan, but he certainly hadn’t expected to be in his mid-40s and living alone in a one-bedroom flat, wondering where it had all gone wrong. When... see more >>>

Crime, Thriller & Mystery

The Awkward Squad
by stanley east
4.7 Stars (6 Reviews) Price verified one hour ago

Eric is in crisis, lurching from one alcoholic binge to another.. empty sexual encounters and flirtations with self medication.. His only solace is the sea.. When everything in life goes wrong - you can guarantee things will only get bleaker, darker, funnier and... see more >>>

Historical Fiction

Floating Gold (Under Admiralty Orders - The Oliver Quintrell Series Book 1)
by M.C. Muir
4.0 Stars (23 Reviews) Price verified 59 minutes ago

FLOATING GOLD is “a wonderful blend of classic Georgian naval fiction, a mystery/thriller and a grand treasure hunt - a vividly drawn tale of adventure on the high seas.” Old Salt Blog. The year is 1802 and the Treaty of Amiens heralds a fragile... see more >>>

Family Life

by Daniel Kelley
4.6 Stars (7 Reviews) Price verified 59 minutes ago

Sometimes the young have no idea how good they have it… and sometimes that realization is acquired gradually along the precarious road to maturity.In a 9,000-word, nostalgia-steeped parable, Frances depicts the adventures that she, her brother Zander and... see more >>>

Arts & Photography

Beginner's Digital SLR Crash Course: Complete guide to mastering digital photography basics, understanding exposure, and taking better pictures.
by Deep Cove Publishing
4.3 Stars (47 Reviews) Price verified one hour ago

Who Else Wants To Take Better Pictures? That's what this guide is all about; making the most of your digital camera, so that you can create beautiful photographs. You won't find all the complicated technical jargon that fills other books and blogs. I... see more >>>


A Spirited Manor (O'Hare House Mysteries Book 1)
by Kate Danley
3.6 Stars (14 Reviews) Price verified 29 minutes ago

In this delicious penny-dreadful, grieving widow Clara O'Hare accepts an invitation to a séance in the remote country home of Lord Oroberg. Joining her around the table is a cad, a mousy fiancée, an overbearing mother, a renowned scientist, a lively... see more >>>


T-R-O-U-B-L-E (Texas Heat Book 1)
by Sable Hunter
4.8 Stars (11 Reviews) Price verified 59 minutes ago

Trouble comes calling on Kyler Landon. He falls hard and fast for his beautiful, mysterious neighbor after she saves him from a rattlesnake attack. The sexual tension mounts between them with each sensual encounter, but he soon realizes that Cooper has been hurt... see more >>>

Crime, Thriller & Mystery

Valentine's Day
by Jody Hanna
4.5 Stars (12 Reviews) Price verified 44 minutes ago

Bob Marley had it all planned out when he took the job in London, work, save, go. But life has a funny way of taking plans and tying knots in them, especially when your plans are reliant on others. In Bob's case, the others are his two best friends and... see more >>>


These are my Credentials : Military Tales of the Unexpected (These are my CredentialsI Book 1)
by Jeff Little
4.7 Stars (10 Reviews) Price verified 59 minutes ago

Conspiracy theories abound whenever secrecy prevails.Did man really land on the moon in 1969?Did an alien spaceship really crash land at Roswell, New Mexico in 1974?Do the Illuminati really want to impose a New World Order to rule over mankind?The answer to these... see more >>>


The Ghost In My Bedroom
by Heather Jones
4.4 Stars (7 Reviews) Price verified 29 minutes ago

Lucy Warner has managed to fall in love with her roommate Ryan – who has been dead for about 25 years. Since he’s been haunting her bedroom from the time when she was a baby, they have grown to be very close friends; a secret no one else knows about,... see more >>>


Troubled Son (Savage Sons Motorcycle Club Book 1)
by Jayna King
4.1 Stars (21 Reviews) Price verified 44 minutes ago

"there's sex everywhere in the club. The Sons f-ck who, when, and where they want.They don't care who knows or who sees.Can you handle that?" Max Fisher is going to have to get up close and personal with a whole new scene in her very first... see more >>>
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