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Caversham's Bride (The Caversham Chronicles Book 1)
by Sandy Raven
4.5 Stars (16 Reviews) Price verified 2 hours ago

What would you do to save the ones you love most? Sold into slavery by the men who were supposed to kill her, Angelia Gualtiero must now convince the man who purchased her to help her. Lia would do anything to save her little brother from her murderous aunt, even... see more >>>

Gay & Lesbian

By Chance (Courtland Chronicles Book 1)
by Cat Grant
4.0 Stars (23 Reviews) Price verified 2 hours ago

A life of wealth and privilege doesn’t equal happiness—just ask Eric Courtland. Growing up with a cold, unfeeling father and unstable mother has taught him exactly what he doesn’t want out of life or love. The troubled young man prefers a... see more >>>


The Intern: Vol. 1
by Brooke Cumberland
4.2 Stars (25 Reviews) Price verified 2 hours ago

From USA Today Bestselling Author comes the first volume in a sexy, romance suspense serial. She's sexy, fierce, and a loud-mouthed know-it-all... and she's completely off limits. Cecilia isn't your typical college student. Hell, she isn't a... see more >>>


Honeymoon For One
by Chris Keniston
4.3 Stars (291 Reviews) Price verified 2 hours ago

Contemporary Romance Honeymoon For One To escape local gossip, jilted bride Michelle Bradford embarks on her honeymoon cruise —alone. Coaxed by a thrill seeking hunk she never expects to see again, she slowly sheds her good girl persona to have some well... see more >>>

Science Fiction

Everblue (Mer Tales Book 1)
by Brenda Pandos
4.3 Stars (60 Reviews) Price verified 2 hours ago

$̶3̶.̶9̶9̶ FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME! Dive into Everblue, Book #1 in Mer Tales, WINNER OF BEST I'VE READ. ★★★★★ "I recommend this book to mermaid lovers and people who like romance and... see more >>>


There's Something About Her: A Manhattan Love Story (LOVE in the USA Book 2)
by Z.L. Arkadie
4.7 Stars (6 Reviews) Price verified 2 hours ago

LOVE in the USA... A sensual spiral into the depths of love. One woman. Two men. Who will she choose? Maggie Conroy is your average city girl. She has good girlfriends, a whole lot of education and a crappy job that comes complete with the boss from hell, aka,... see more >>>


Legal Ease (Sutton Capital Book 1)
by Lori Ryan
4.3 Stars (32 Reviews) Price verified 2 hours ago

"Breathless" "Couldn't put it down" "Captivating and steamy" "Loved it!!!!!" Jack Sutton is a man who's used to getting his way. So when his mother's will forces his hand, he does the only thing he can. Jack... see more >>>

Teen & Young Adult

The Fallen Star
by Jessica Sorensen
4.4 Stars (1,032 Review) Price verified 2 hours ago

For eighteen year-old Gemma, life has never been normal. Up until recently, she has been incapable of feeling emotion. And when she’s around Alex, the gorgeous new guy at school, she can feel electricity that makes her skin buzz. Not to mention the monsters... see more >>>


The Rush (The Siren Series Book 1)
by Rachel Higginson
4.3 Stars (24 Reviews) Price verified 2 hours ago

A life not her own—A future already decided. Every facet of Ivy Pierce’s life is meticulously planned out and plotted. Cynical and jaded by sixteen, Ivy’s only hope is to escape the legacy she was born into. She has a plan, a carefully... see more >>>


Coexist (Keegan's ChroniclesBook 1)
by Julia Crane
3.9 Stars (17 Reviews) Price verified 2 hours ago

Sixteen-year-old Keegan is struggling to keep her huge secret from her friends—she's an elf, descended from a long line of elves that live in secrecy alongside humans. In elfin society, mates are predetermined but not allowed to meet until they are... see more >>>


Far Horizons (The Emigrants Trilogy Book 1)
by Kate Hewitt
4.2 Stars (39 Reviews) Price verified 2 hours ago

On the eve of his departure for the New World, Allan MacDougall asks his beloved Harriet to wait for his return, when he will be established and able to marry her. While Harriet gladly gives her promise, Allan's father insists he is acting dishonourably and... see more >>>

Teen & Young Adult

Charity Moon (Charity Series Book 1)
by DeAnna Kinney
4.0 Stars (10 Reviews) Price verified 2 hours ago

Books in the Charity Series: Charity Moon, book 1 Charity Rising, book 2 Raven's Rose, book 3 Charity's Storm, book 4 Exposing Kitty Langley, a novella Charity Bell is eighteen, beautiful, and has an unyielding chip on her shoulder. The loss of her... see more >>>


Broken Blossoms
by Julia Bell
4.4 Stars (9 Reviews) Price verified 2 hours ago

At the age of fifteen, Katherine Widcombe, the niece of a baronet, is found missing from her bed whilst visiting her maternal aunt in Bristol.She is returned to her aunt and uncle’s home, Widcombe Hall, blindfolded and with the weight of a terrible secret... see more >>>

Crime, Thriller & Mystery

Just Evil (The Evil Secrets Trilogy Book 1)
by Vickie McKeehan
4.5 Stars (22 Reviews) Price verified 2 hours ago

The Evil Secrets Trilogy Three friends believe they've escaped the evil clutches haunting them since childhood until a stranger brings revenge full circle. Just Evil A survivor of an abusive childhood, Kit Griffin cherishes her new life of freedom. But... see more >>>

Women's Fiction

Dominoes (Dominoes Complete Book 1)
by C. B. Blaha
5.0 Stars (22 Reviews) Price verified 2 hours ago

Maeve O’Brien and Jenna Branson anticipate a relaxing, fun filled weekend with their two children at an annual music festival in the Nevada County Fairgrounds.Instead, they fall victim to an unforeseen chain of circumstance that threatens to tear apart the... see more >>>


What about us?
by Jacqui Henderson
4.6 Stars (14 Reviews) Price verified 2 hours ago

“When you said you could love me Grace, did you mean it? Could you love me enough to trust me? Could you love me enough to give up everything you’ve ever known, to take my hand and just step off this world, if it was the only way we could be... see more >>>


My Name Is Hardly-Book Two of the My Temporary Life Trilogy
by Martin Crosbie
4.7 Stars (7 Reviews) Price verified 2 hours ago

A beautiful girl is missing and may not want to be found, A soldier on his last and most important mission, A vow made to a dying friend. In 1996, Northern Ireland is one of the most dangerous places in the world. The government calls it a state of unrest, the... see more >>>

Health & Fitness

My Prison Journal - Volume 7
by John Smith
3.7 Stars (18 Reviews) Price verified 2 hours ago

This book is a Volume 7 of a continuing series. It contains 12.2K words or 53+ print pages (5X8). It’s DRM free and lendable. Volume 1 can be found at Amazon under ASIN # is: B007SH8870. Volume 2 under ASIN #: B0082YTXJ0. Volume 3 under ASIN #: B008916S0I... see more >>>


The Wolf's Mate Book 6:Logan & Jenna
by R.E. Butler
4.8 Stars (23 Reviews) Price verified 2 hours ago

Jenna Odile planned to spend the eve of her twenty-fifth birthday partying with her friends before she cast a spell to find her truemate.Before she can, she’s captured by a group of criminally-minded werewolves who want to use her fae-abilities to commit... see more >>>

Food & Drink

Cookie Indulgence: 150 Easy Cookie Recipes
by Bonnie Scott
4.2 Stars (9 Reviews) Price verified 2 hours ago

150 Easy Cookie Recipes - Quick and Delicious Warm from the oven and just waiting to accompany a glass of cold milk or a cup of steaming cocoa, nothing smells better than the aroma of freshly baked cookies. With Cookie Indulgence, you'll never run short on... see more >>>
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