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Norse Mythology


(246 reviews)

Bestselling and much loved author Neil Gaiman, whose novel American Gods has been adapted into a major television series, brings vividly to life the stories of Norse mythology that have inspired his own extraordinary writing... See More

£6.47 £8.99 Save 28% Price verified 8 hours ago

The Devil's Music


(78 reviews)

It is 1958 and the Sputnik satellite has taken a dog up into space; back on earth, five-year-old Andy has a new sister, Elaine - a baby who, his father insists, is 'not quite all there'. While his parents argue over whether... See More

£3.79 £6.47 Save 41% Price verified 24 minutes ago

Lucky Break


(18 reviews)

It is their first day at Drama Arts, and the circle of huddled, nervous students are told in no uncertain terms that here, unlike at any other drama school, they will be taught to Act. To Be. To exist in their own world on... See More

£6.47 £8.54 Save 24% Price verified 51 minutes ago

Summer at Shell Cottage


(526 reviews)

Summer at Shell Cottage is another delightful summer read from Lucy Diamond, author of the bestselling The Beach Cafe. A seaside holiday at Shell Cottage in Devon has always been the perfect escape for the Tarrant family... See More

£1.90 £4.74 Save 60% Price verified 8 hours ago

Outrageous Fortune


(70 reviews)

A page-turning novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Her Frozen Heart. 'The jewels shine bright, the glamour is completely envy-inducing, the labels are lustworthy and the sex scenes are guaranteed to make you... See More

£0.99 £4.99 Save 80% Price verified 8 hours ago

How To Be Brave


(190 reviews)

All the stories died that morning... until we found the one we'd always known. When nine-year-old Rose is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, Natalie must use her imagination to keep her daughter alive. They begin... See More

£0.99 £4.68 Save 79% Price verified 8 hours ago

Star Wars: Aftermath: Empire's End


(54 reviews)

The Sunday Times Bestseller Following Star Wars: Aftermath and Star Wars: Life Debt, Chuck Wendig delivers the exhilarating conclusion to the bestselling trilogy set in the years between Return of the Jedi and The Force... See More

£0.99 £4.99 Save 80% Price verified 31 minutes ago

Two Cows and a Vanful of Smoke


(47 reviews)

When young Elliot gets a labourer's job at Mr Evans's after being sacked from a pig farm for liberating six of its sows, he thinks he'll have even more opportunities to lean on gates or stare at fields. But his best mate... See More

£5.22 £7.31 Save 29% Price verified 7 hours ago

Jake Undone


(159 reviews)

From the New York Times Bestselling author of Stepbrother Dearest, comes a new sexy STANDALONE novel. Nina Kennedy was alive... but not living... until she met him. Planes, trains, heights... you name it, Nina was afraid... See More

£0.99 £3.07 Save 68% Price verified 8 hours ago

Beautiful Creatures


(40 reviews)

From the Sunday Times bestselling author of Her Frozen Heart. Everyone has heard of the Beaufort twins, but few have ever seen them... On the eve of their 21st birthday, at one of the most lavish parties society has ever... See More

£0.99 £4.99 Save 80% Price verified 4 hours ago

Ack-Ack Macaque


(55 reviews)

In 1944, as waves of German ninjas parachute into Kent, Britain's best hopes for victory lie with a Spitfire pilot codenamed 'Ack-Ack Macaque.' The trouble is, Ack-Ack Macaque is a cynical, one-eyed, cigar-chomping monkey... See More

£0.99 £4.31 Save 77% Price verified 6 hours ago