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The Bear and The Nightingale


(111 reviews)

'Frost-demons have no interest in mortal girls wed to mortal men. In the stories, they only come for the wild maiden.' In a village at the edge of the wilderness of northern Russia, where the winds blow cold and the snow... See More

£4.99 £7.99 Save 38% Price verified 11 hours ago

A Passage to India


(100 reviews)

Dr Aziz is a young Muslim physician in the British Indian town of Chandrapore. One evening he comes across an English woman, Mrs Moore, in the courtyard of a local mosque; she and her younger travelling companion Adela are... See More

£0.99 £6.99 Save 86% Price verified 9 hours ago

Sane New World: Taming the Mind


(1,115 review)

The mental health and mindfulness bestseller from Ruby Wax, comedian, writer and mental health campaigner, who shows us why and how our minds can send us mad and how we can rewire our thinking to calm ourselves in a frenetic... See More

£2.99 £6.99 Save 57% Price verified one hour ago

Howards End


(101 reviews)

When a brief romance between Helen Schlegel and Paul Wilcox ends badly, their two very different families are brought into collision. The liberal, intellectual Schlegels, who had hoped never to see the capitalist, pragmatic... See More

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(59 reviews)

As Maurice Hall makes his way through a traditional English education, he projects an outer confidence that masks troubling questions about his own identity. Frustrated and unfulfilled, a product of the bourgeoisie he will... See More

£0.99 £6.99 Save 86% Price verified 9 hours ago

Parky's People


(28 reviews)

Sir Michael Parkinson occupies a unique place in the public consciousness. For many he is the chronicler of a generation. Through his onscreen work and his intelligent, thought provking journalism, he has introduced millions... See More

£2.99 £5.99 Save 50% Price verified one hour ago

A Room With a View


(187 reviews)

Lucy Honeychurch arrives in Italy for the first time, dependent on a Baedeker travel guide and her stern chaperone, Miss Bartlett. As she explores Florence, Lucy realises the constraints of her middle-class upbringing and... See More

£0.99 £6.99 Save 86% Price verified 2 hours ago

In the Darkroom


(5 reviews)

A NEW YORK TIMES BOOK OF THE YEAR WINNER OF THE KIRKUS PRIZE SHORTLISTED FOR THE PULITZER PRIZE 2017 From the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and best-selling author of 'Backlash', an astonishing confrontation with the... See More

£5.99 £9.49 Save 37% Price verified 10 hours ago

Rushing Waters


(91 reviews)

As Hurricane Ophelia bears down on New York City, millions are caught up in the horrific flooding it unleashes. Successful interior designer Ellen Wharton flies into New York from London, heedless of the hurricane... See More

£4.99 £9.99 Save 50% Price verified 2 hours ago

Nobody's Child


(31 reviews)

What's your name? Where were you born? What is your date of birth? Simple questions that we are asked throughout our life - but what if you didn't know the answers? Kate Adie uncovers the extraordinary, moving and inspiring... See More

£1.99 £6.49 Save 69% Price verified 3 hours ago

The Long, Long Life of Trees


(29 reviews)

A lyrical tribute to the diversity of trees, their physical beauty, their special characteristics and uses, and their ever-evolving meanings Since the beginnings of history trees have served humankind in countless useful... See More

£7.31 £10.15 Save 28% Price verified 5 hours ago