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Separate Lives


(52 reviews)

Your partner of ten years, and the father of your children, receives a text. You happen to see it. 'Start living a different kind of life... P :-) xxx'. You don't know anyone with the initial P, so what's with the smiley... See More

£0.99 £4.99 Save 80% Price verified 8 hours ago

The Birdwatcher


(112 reviews)

WHAT DRIVES GOOD MEN TO MURDER? 'If you're not a fan yet, why not?' Val McDermid 'The most gripping book I've read in years. William Shaw is, quite simply, an outstanding storyteller' Peter May 'Grips the reader by the... See More

£0.99 £3.99 Save 75% Price verified one hour ago

This Is Where It Ends


(47 reviews)

The #1 New York Times Bestseller! Everyone has a reason to fear the boy with the gun. 10:00 a.m. The principal of Opportunity, Alabama's high school finishes her speech, welcoming the entire student body to a new semester... See More

£1.49 £5.22 Save 71% Price verified 3 hours ago

The Dinosaur Feather


(60 reviews)

Anna Bella Nor is just two weeks away from revealing her controversial research on the evolutionary origin of birds when her supervisor Lars Helland is found dead... his tongue and a copy of her thesis in his lap. As the... See More

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(24 reviews)

Ben is your average married man: wife, two kids, steady job. Toby is your average schoolboy: fifteen years old, sweet-natured and shy. Two people, two separate, unremarkable lives. Except for their dreams. Dreams of... See More

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Our Lady of Pain


(15 reviews)

A young woman's naked body is found in the undergrowth of Holland Park, London. Gagged, with her wrists and ankles bound, she has been posed, almost like a statue, kneeling as if in prayer - or begging for mercy. Stuffed... See More

£2.99 £5.99 Save 50% Price verified 9 hours ago

Vigil: Verity Fassbinder Book 1


(11 reviews)

'Slatter's work is excellent, and eminently readable... It's easy to see how she's managed to make such an impact on the genre' - British Fantasy Society. A rich and exciting new urban fantasy, perfect for fans of Harry... See More

£0.99 £3.99 Save 75% Price verified 11 hours ago

Arctic Summer


(41 reviews)

In 1912, the SS Birmingham approaches India. On board is Morgan Forster, novelist and man of letters, who is embarking on a journey of discovery. As Morgan stands on deck, the promise of a strange new future begins to take... See More

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(27 reviews)

On a cold December day in 1840 Parisians turned out in force to watch as Napoleon's coffin was solemnly borne down the Champs-Elysées on its final journey to the Invalides. The return of the Emperor's body from the island... See More

£4.99 £8.99 Save 44% Price verified 7 hours ago