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Religion & Spirituality

Indescribable: Encountering the Glory of God in the Beauty of the Universe
by Louie Giglio
4.2 Stars (12 Reviews) Price verified 22 minutes ago

Putting this powerful message into print for the first time, visionary pastor Louie Giglio and songwriter Matt Redman team up to write a heart-stirring book about the mysteries of God’s creation. Indescribable takes readers on a journey through the vastness... see more >>>


Bonded (Prequel to The Mating)
by Nicky Charles
4.7 Stars (195 Reviews) Price verified one hour ago

Reno’s a tough Enforcer for Lycan Link who finds himself drawn to Brandi but duty rules his life. Brandi, just on the edge of starting her career as a Disaster Control officer, falls for Reno at first sight, but are they really meant to be? Is it love or... see more >>>

Science Fiction

The Last Praetorian (The Redemption Trilogy)
by Mike Smith
4.1 Stars (149 Reviews) Price verified one hour ago

Commander Jonathan Radec is a man desperately trying to escape from the mistakes of his past. Now the owner of Vanguard Shipping, his primary concerns are trying to keep his ships flying and his crew alive.However, the shadowy Syndicate organisation has set their... see more >>>


From Man to Man (Wroge Elements)
by D. E. M. Emrys
4.5 Stars (25 Reviews) Price verified one hour ago

‘I’ve traded my old enemies for just this one…’ The axe thundered home. ‘I miss the old ones.’ Every man has a past, none more so than Draven Reinhardt. Abandoning his old life to settle down as a villager, he struggles... see more >>>


Blur (Night Roamers)
by Kristen Middleton
4.3 Stars (100 Reviews) Price verified one hour ago

Warning- This book contains some language, violence, and sexual situations recommended for ages seventeen and older. Danger lurks in the dead of night... Seventeen year old Nikki and her twin brother, Nathan, move to the small town of Shore Lake to start over... see more >>>


Long Time Coming
by Edie Claire
4.3 Stars (1,192 Review) Price verified 22 minutes ago

4.5-STAR, ROMANTIC TIMES TOP PICK and Winner of the Road to Romance REVIEWER'S CHOICE Award!!! Originally published in 2003 by Warner Books (Warner Forever). Years and distance kept the memories at bay. But back at home, the past is ready and waiting to... see more >>>

Crime, Thriller & Mystery

Deadly Offerings (Deadly Series)
by Alexa Grace
4.2 Stars (245 Reviews) Price verified 22 minutes ago

Revised Edition December 2012.Deadly Offerings is an ebook with a blend of pulsing passion and razor-sharp suspense.It is the first adventure in this sizzling romantic suspense trilogy. Anne Mason thinks she’ll be safe living in the Midwest building a wind... see more >>>


The Light Within Me (The Six Saviors)
by Carly Fall
4.2 Stars (18 Reviews) Price verified 22 minutes ago

2013 READER'S FAVORITE BRONZE MEDAL BOOK AWARD WINNER When Abby and Noah meet, there is an explosive attraction between them that neither can deny... As a shy, awkward, social misfit, Abby has gone her whole life feeling as though she's different from... see more >>>

Crime, Thriller & Mystery

Stilettos & Scoundrels (The Presley Thurman Mysteries)
by Laina Turner
3.8 Stars (21 Reviews) Price verified 22 minutes ago

RE-EDITED AS OF MARCH 2014!! Gently touching the handle of the front door was all it took to make it swing wide open. It was late, after midnight, and everyone in the house except Tom was asleep. As usual, Tom was in his study working late. Walking carefully and... see more >>>


Beyond Time (Highland Secret Series)
by Elizabeth Marshall
4.6 Stars (8 Reviews) Price verified 52 minutes ago

Having endured years of an abusive marriage, Grace Evans finally walks out on her loveless marriage and boards a train for York. Within hours of arriving in the ancient city, her destiny is changed forever by a portrait in her hotel room. Haunted by the ghost of... see more >>>


Fat Vampire
by Johnny B. Truant
4.5 Stars (49 Reviews) Price verified 22 minutes ago

PRAISE FOR FAT VAMPIRE "Truly original and a very fun, witty take on the "done to death" vampire story." "If Eric Northman ever gets staked, Reginald Baskin will be my new favorite vampire." "Got the book just before bed...... see more >>>


My Despicable Ex - Part 1 (The Ashly Roberts Saga)
by Sierra Rose
4.3 Stars (10 Reviews) Price verified 22 minutes ago

She thinks he’s despicable. He wants her back…with a vengeance. BOOK TRAILER: Ashly Roberts and Jake Connors are barely twenty when they decide to take the proverbial plunge and walk down the aisle to... see more >>>


ROLLING THUNDER: An Historical Novel of War and Politics (Wings of War)
by Mark Berent
4.3 Stars (67 Reviews) Price verified 22 minutes ago

Rolling Thunder is an historical novel about the decisive role politics played during the Vietnam war.Its characters range frommen in the field to the Pentagon and the White House. Fighter pilots and Special Forces warriors try to do their best but are hampered by... see more >>>

Teen & Young Adult

Single-handed (Single Girls, book one)
by Veronica Blade
4.1 Stars (12 Reviews) Price verified 22 minutes ago

NOTE: THIS IS A VERY SHORT STORY EQUAL TO APPX 23 PRINTED PAGES Alex single-handedly takes down a bully. A safer school has its perks, but what else did the years of martial arts training get her? Not a prom date, that’s for sure. With only a few weeks... see more >>>


The Third Son (Kings of Cardenas)
by Elise Marion
4.2 Stars (23 Reviews) Price verified 22 minutes ago

Prince Damien, the spoiled youngest son of the king of Cardenas, finds that his world will never quite be the same again when a fiery Gypsy girl, Esmeralda, comes dancing into his privileged life. Rake. Rogue. Scoundrel. Each of these words has been used to... see more >>>


THE GATEWAY (An Epic Fantasy Novella) (Harbinger of Doom)
by Glenn G. Thater
4.1 Stars (14 Reviews) Price verified 22 minutes ago

Warning to readers: The Gateway and the other books in the Harbinger of Doom series explore religious and political topics that some may consider highly controversial. Proceed at your own risk. The author has written that, "The nature of good and evil is... see more >>>


Sea Scoundrel (Knave of Hearts)
by Annette Blair
3.5 Stars (17 Reviews) Price verified 22 minutes ago

SEA SCOUNDREL, Knave of Hearts, One of Four --Lady Patience Kendall crossed the sea to marry, but her intended died before she arrived. Penniless and stranded, she found only one way to get home: Bring rich American Misses to England to find them titled husbands.... see more >>>


Intentions of the Earl (Scandalous Sisters, Book 1)
by Rose Gordon
3.6 Stars (46 Reviews) Price verified 22 minutes ago

Will he secure his future by ruining hers, or will she ruin his plans by securing him? A new twist on the old fortune hunter plot puts an impoverished earl in a position to gain his fortune only by ruining an innocent's reputation without offering marriage.... see more >>>


Water (The Akasha Series)
by Terra Harmony
4.0 Stars (23 Reviews) Price verified 52 minutes ago

Elemental powers in the palm of her hand…and it won't be enough to save her.When Kaitlyn Alder is involuntarily introduced to a life of magic, she becomes part of an organization hell-bent on saving the Earth.Her newfound life holds promises of... see more >>>


Proximity: A Novel of the Navy's Elite Bomb Squad
by Stephen Phillips
4.4 Stars (7 Reviews) Price verified one hour ago

EOD - "It's a lot like brain surgery, except if we screw up the patient detonates....Oh yeah, and we do it underwater." - A Navy EOD Technician The Sailors of the United States Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) community "perform under... see more >>>
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