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Religion & Spirituality

by G.K. Chesterton
4.3 Stars (23 Reviews) Price verified 24 minutes ago

Philip Yancey's 'desert island book'! see more >>>

Self-Help & Counselling

The Interpretation of Dreams
by Sigmund Freud
4.1 Stars (29 Reviews) Price verified 16 minutes ago

When it comes to the world of psychiatry, one name has long stood out among the rest.Sigmund Freud (1856-1939) was an Austrian neurologist who came to be known as the “Father of Psychoanalysis”.Freud himself suffered from psychosomatic symptoms yet... see more >>>


Washington Square
by Henry James
4.4 Stars (15 Reviews) Price verified 16 minutes ago

There is no description for this title. see more >>>

Short Stories

Wessex Tales
by Thomas Hardy
4.4 Stars (28 Reviews) Price verified 46 minutes ago

Thomas Hardy (2 June 1840 – 11 January 1928) was a writer and poet born in Dorchester, England. Hardy’s poetry dealt mainly with the naturalism movement. Hardy considered himself a poet first, but his most famous works were his novels, particularly... see more >>>


The Turn of the Screw
by Henry James
3.5 Stars (39 Reviews) Price verified 16 minutes ago

Henry James (15 April 1843 – 28 February 1916) was a writer born in America who traveled Europe for much of his younger life before settling in England.James is best known for novels dealing with morals and psychological drama, as well as works such as The... see more >>>


The Republic
by Plato
3.9 Stars (14 Reviews) Price verified 46 minutes ago

Review "[Griffith's] aim was to traslate the Greek text as if it were a conversation, and he has succeeded admirably."Library Journal "In addition to a vivid, dignified and accurate rendition of Plato's text, the student and general... see more >>>

Education & Reference

HTML Fixes for Kindle: Advanced Self Publishing for Kindle Books, or Tips on Tinkering with HTML from Microsoft Word or Anything Else So Your Ebook Looks as Good as It Possibly Can
by Aaron Shepard
4.2 Stars (9 Reviews) Price verified 16 minutes ago

**********************CURRENT VERSION: 2.2*********************** NOTE: PLEASE VISIT AARON'S PUBLISHING PAGE FOR ANY UPDATES TO THIS BOOK. Have you ever opened a Kindle book to find that the font started out way too small or way too large? Have you tried to... see more >>>

Action & Adventure

Across A Moonlit Sea (Pirate Wolf series Book 1)
by Marsha Canham
4.6 Stars (33 Reviews) Price verified 16 minutes ago

A rip roaring high seas adventure set in Elizabethan England when dashing privateers known as sea hawks banded together to guard their country and their queen against the Invincible Armada being amassed by Spain.Simon Dante, the Pirate Wolf, meets his match in... see more >>>


Love Beyond Time: Book 1 (Morna's Legacy Series)
by Bethany Claire
4.4 Stars (10 Reviews) Price verified 16 minutes ago

#1 Amazon Bestseller in Time Travel Romance by USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Bethany ClaireDo You Love Sexy Scots, Romance, & Mystery? "Love Beyond Time" will make you laugh, cry, and leave you eager for more. It began nearly four hundred years ago. The... see more >>>

Crime, Thriller & Mystery

Noble Intentions: Episode 1
by L.T. Ryan
4.1 Stars (20 Reviews) Price verified 46 minutes ago

Note: The FULL Season One compilation (Episodes 1 - 5) is now available for one low price: Jack Noble. Assassin for hire. Thief. Spy. Described by his associates as a man who has no feelings, passes no judgement, and feels no remorse. So... see more >>>


Naked Hero - The Journey Away
by J.K. Brighton
4.6 Stars (12 Reviews) Price verified 31 minutes ago

‘Naked Hero’ is the story of Lewis Macleod’s search for the elusive perfect man as he battles with the adversities of life. Told in two parts, the first ‘The Journey Away’ is set in Melbourne and Sydney during the Australian Open... see more >>>

Contemporary Fiction

Lost and Found (Growing Pains #1)
by K.F. Breene
4.4 Stars (30 Reviews) Price verified 31 minutes ago

On the tail-end of her ex-boyfriend crashing through a restraining order and putting her in the hospital, Krista realizes that the only way to effectively escape her past is to put distance between it. She gets her life back on track in San Francisco with a job... see more >>>


Cursed (Cursed Magic Series, Book One)
by Casey Odell
4.3 Stars (110 Reviews) Price verified 46 minutes ago

The night Claire Tanith’s small village is attacked, her mother sends her alone into the cursed forest, the one she’d been forbidden to enter all her life with these mysterious words: ‘They will protect you.’ On the run from her... see more >>>

British & Irish

Claws (Ben Cooper)
by Stephen Booth
3.6 Stars (44 Reviews) Price verified 16 minutes ago

"The bones were tiny. They lay in his hand like a set of pearls, translucent and fragile. When he turned them to the light, he could see their fractured ends and hollow cores. They were light as a feather, as brittle as chalk. And as easy to break as a... see more >>>


Flirts! 5 Romantic Short Stories (The Flirts! Short Stories Collections Book 1)
by Lisa Scott
4.3 Stars (53 Reviews) Price verified 31 minutes ago

The first Flirts! volume is now free!See why readers say these are sexy, sweet, fun, must-reads. It's one of many books from 2013 Holt Medallion Award of Merit winner, Lisa Scott, author of the Flirts! collections and Willowdale Romance series. Flirts! 5... see more >>>

Coming of Age

All My Life (A First Things Series Book 1)
by Rucy Ban
4.0 Stars (18 Reviews) Price verified one hour ago

CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE "A sweet read with lots of quirky banter, angst and a touch of smexy." - Tamsyn Bester "This is THAT story...the one that grabs you from the first page and you just can't seem to put the book down till you find out the... see more >>>

Women's Fiction

Learning to Dance Again
by Frankie Valente
4.5 Stars (63 Reviews) Price verified 16 minutes ago

Julia Robertson is devastated after the sudden death of her husband Duncan. Her friends rally to support her, but with her sons away at Edinburgh University she still feels isolated in her grief. She is unemployed but has no wish to return to her old job as the... see more >>>


Thirst (Ava Delaney Book 1)
by Claire Farrell
4.3 Stars (137 Reviews) Price verified 46 minutes ago

Ava Delaney calls herself a hybrid - a living, breathing human who happens to have vampire poison running through her veins.The only thing greater than her thirst for human blood is her capacity for guilt.She does her best to avoid the human world, for... see more >>>

Biography & True Accounts

Fluffy: A Journey Through Depression
by Michael John-Ryler
4.2 Stars (28 Reviews) Price verified 16 minutes ago

In 2011, I suffered an episode of acute reactive depression. In an attempt to understand what was happening to me, I wrote down my thoughts, actions, dreams and fears. This is my journey through the valley of depression, you‘re not alone. ---What People... see more >>>

Crime, Thriller & Mystery

Caribbean Moon (A Manny Williams Thriller, Book One 1)
by Rick Murcer
3.9 Stars (20 Reviews) Price verified 16 minutes ago

Rick Murcer is New York Times and USA Today Best Selling Author having sold over 850,000 books. Written in the tradition of James Patterson, JA Konrath, and Michael Connelly, this first book in the series will have you wanting more. Small-town... see more >>>
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