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Women's Fiction

Always Yours (Lagos Romance Series Book 1)
by Somi Ekhasomhi
4.2 Stars (13 Reviews) Price verified 16 minutes ago

Sophie is young, beautiful, and runs her own magazine. She loves her life, her job, her friends, in fact, she has everything she wants. What she doesn't have, however, is the man she has been in love with for the past five years. Michael once crushed her... see more >>>


Fall into my Heart (The Subzero Series Book 1)
by Rebecca Elise
4.2 Stars (39 Reviews) Price verified 33 minutes ago

***This book has been updated to include additional editing plus nearly 20,000 words have been added.*** Fall into my Heart is book 1 in the Subzero Series. Three months after finding her fiancé in bed with another woman, Chloe Carver decides she needs a change... see more >>>


Make it Rain (The Montclair Brothers Book 1)
by Terri Marie
4.0 Stars (27 Reviews) Price verified 33 minutes ago

Tyler Montclair wasn't looking for love on that rainy night. He'd just narrowly escaped a five-year relationship with a nutcase. All he had to worry about now was avoiding damsels in distress, his weakness, and sheltering his brothers from generations of... see more >>>

Crime, Thriller & Mystery

Broken Angel - Book 1 (House Phoenix)
by S.W. Vaughn
4.7 Stars (10 Reviews) Price verified 34 minutes ago

One man's fight for freedom will shake the New York City underground, and change the game forever... Drifter Gabriel Morgan has only one constant in his life: his beloved sister, Lillith. So when a powerful crime lord called Slade kidnaps her and makes an... see more >>>

Teen & Young Adult

Insight (Book One): Insight Series ((Insight) Web of Hearts and Souls 1)
by Jamie Magee
4.1 Stars (39 Reviews) Price verified 34 minutes ago

BOOK ONE INSIGHT SERIES & Web of Hearts and Souls They are two souls made of one, divided by time, and reunited within their dreams. Worlds stand between them now, but fate is their guiding light, one glance bound them, one touch empowered them. Now, they have no... see more >>>


The Titan Drowns
by Nhys Glover
4.6 Stars (8 Reviews) Price verified 34 minutes ago

2013 SFR GALAXY AWARD WINNER"Heroism and true romance set inside one of the most heart-rending tragedies of all time? Oh, yeah, that deserves an Award!" Judge Shy and insecure Pia Rogaland wants nothing more than to save the children. For feisty Elish... see more >>>

Teen & Young Adult

Family Magic (The Hayle Coven Novels: Book One 1)
by Patti Larsen
4.3 Stars (17 Reviews) Price verified 35 minutes ago

Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of being ordinary. That my mom baked cookies instead of brewing spells That my dad lived with us, not on the demon plane. All I ever wanted was to be like everyone else. I know what you’re thinking. You’d... see more >>>

Women's Fiction

Pick Me (Reality TV Romance Series)
by Kristine Mason
4.2 Stars (8 Reviews) Price verified 52 minutes ago

To help save the TV reality show, Pick Me, from cancellation, Valentina Bonasera swaps her position as the show’s Production Assistant, to play the role of Bachelorette, only to discover Bachelor Number One, rancher and sports agent, Colt Walker, happens to... see more >>>

Children's eBooks

Stanley Stickle Hates Homework
by TrevorForest
4.7 Stars (14 Reviews) Price verified 54 minutes ago

Stanley Stickle hates homework and he'll do almost anything to get out of it. In this, the first short book in the series, Stanley gets a shock when he discovers that every pupil in the school is to be given EXTRA homework in preparation for the BIG TEST.... see more >>>


Right There with You (With You Trilogy Book 1)
by R. J. Sable
4.5 Stars (21 Reviews) Price verified one hour ago

Please note: Due to mature content this book is recommended to readers aged 18+ Jamie-Lea Carter has been living under the thumb of her older brothers for eighteen years. Having finally moved out to start her new life as a university student, she tries to... see more >>>

Science Fiction

Night of the Purple Moon (The Toucan Trilogy Book 1)
by Scott Cramer
4.4 Stars (35 Reviews) Price verified 17 minutes ago

Abby is looking forward to watching the moon turn purple, unaware that deadly bacteria from a passing comet will soon kill off older teens and adults. She must help her brother and baby sister survive in this new world, but all the while she has a ticking time... see more >>>


Outview (The Inner Movement Book 1)
by Brandt Legg
4.8 Stars (83 Reviews) Price verified 17 minutes ago

OUTVIEW, the best selling first book of the Inner Movement trilogy - A mystical fantasy thriller. There is a secret so powerful that, once known, the world will never be the same. For centuries they have died to protect it . . . Nate found it. They know he did.... see more >>>


THE GATEWAY (An Epic Fantasy Novella) (Harbinger of Doom Book 1)
by Glenn G. Thater
3.8 Stars (16 Reviews) Price verified 17 minutes ago

Warning to readers: The Gateway and the other books in the Harbinger of Doom series explore religious and political topics that some may consider highly controversial. Proceed at your own risk. The author has written that, "The nature of good and evil is... see more >>>

Contemporary Fiction

Not Today, But Someday (Emi Lost & Found)
by Lori L. Otto
4.8 Stars (12 Reviews) Price verified 17 minutes ago

Emi Lost & Found series - Winner of the Best Happily Ever After of 2013 - HEA Bookshelf “I loved how comfortable Nate and Emi were with each other, even from the first time they met. It was easy for them, they could relate, they found truth and love in... see more >>>

Contemporary Fiction

The Long and the Short of it.
by Jan Ruth
4.6 Stars (30 Reviews) Price verified 17 minutes ago

An emotive collection of stories and excerpts from the Welsh Mountains of Snowdonia. What to do About Clara? The certainty of old love, or the uncertainty of new? Frankie has two women in his life and he needs to make a choice. Over the Moon It's... see more >>>


Tales From Dark Places The Halloween Collection (The Indie Collaboration Book 1)
by Peter John
4.7 Stars (6 Reviews) Price verified 32 minutes ago

A selection of chilling stories from some of the best Indie authors on the market. We dare you to venture into these pages of spine chilling tales and stories of ghosts and goblins. Freely donated by the authors themselves, these dark passages are a great example... see more >>>

Science Fiction

Peace Warrior
by Steven L. Hawk
4.2 Stars (83 Reviews) Price verified 32 minutes ago

PEACE WARRIOR It’s the mid-21st century when Sergeant First Class Grant Justice is killed during an ambush on an enemy tank column. Six hundred years later, his body is retrieved from the frozen, arctic lake where he perished. Re-animated by a team of... see more >>>


Darker Things (The Lockman Chronicles #1)
by Rob Cornell
4.4 Stars (7 Reviews) Price verified 32 minutes ago

Craig Lockman... No one had called him that in fifteen years. Not since his days at the Agency. Not since he was trained to kill creatures that were supposed to exist only in nightmares. Yet the teenage girl on his doorstep not only knows his real name, she... see more >>>


A Legacy of Light (The Dragon War Book 1)
by Daniel Arenson
4.1 Stars (25 Reviews) Price verified 32 minutes ago

"We live in a time of darkness.Requiem lies cloaked in shadows.Tonight we say:We will fight.We will keep our light blazing." A Legacy of Light (The Dragon War, Book One) -- a new fantasy trilogy for fans of A Game of Thrones and The Lord of the Rings ... see more >>>

Contemporary Fiction

All That She Wants (Part 1 Connor's Point of View)
by Olivia Thorne
5.0 Stars (6 Reviews) Price verified 32 minutes ago

For fans of the Billionaire's Seduction series - here's Lily and Connor's first encounter, from Connor's point of view! This is a special edition for fans. If you haven't read the series yet, you should probably start with ALL THAT HE... see more >>>
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