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My Granny's Great Escape


(272 reviews)

'Do you think I should ask him out, Nicholas, or is that a bit forward?' 'GRANNY!' We all stared at her. Dad had to sit down. Nicholas's granny has fallen in love - with the elderly Hell's Angel next door! Yurrrgghhh... See More

£3.99 £5.99 Save 33% Price verified 14 minutes ago

I'm Watching You


(2,893 reviews)

I'm Watching You is sensational thriller from Mary Burton. HIS VICTIMS The first kill was easy. The second even easier. No guilt, no remorse, just a rush of adrenaline surging through him as each life drains away, and the... See More

£3.99 £4.99 Save 20% Price verified 19 minutes ago

Yes Man


(1,125 review)

One word. Unlimited consequences. The book that inspired the major film starring Jim Carrey and Zooey Deschanel 'I, Danny Wallace, being of sound mind and body, do hereby write this manifesto for my life. I swear I will be... See More

£5.99 £6.99 Save 14% Price verified 21 minutes ago

The Other Countess


(43 reviews)

England, 1582 ELLIE - Lady Eleanor Rodriguez of San Jaime - is in possession of a gold-seeking father, a worthless title and a feisty spirit that captivates the elite of the Queen's court, and none other than the handsome... See More

£4.99 £5.99 Save 17% Price verified 21 minutes ago

Doctor Who: Seeing I


(28 reviews)

He has no idea why Samantha Jones ran away from him. Sam is homeless on the streets of the colony world of Ha'olam, trying to face what's just happened between her and the Doctor. He's searching for her, and for answers... See More

£5.99 £7.99 Save 25% Price verified 24 minutes ago

Indian Summer


(1,072 review)

Some memories are best forgotten... Others won't ever go away. For Kit, the quiet Devon village she visits every year is the perfect retreat. But this summer, she arrives with a heart in turmoil: years have passed since... See More

£4.99 £5.99 Save 17% Price verified 29 minutes ago

The Beach at Night


(195 reviews)

18M copies of Elena Ferrante's books sold worldwide Left alone on the beach to fend for herself, a doll named Celina is having a terrible night. The Mean Beach Attendant of Sunset is trying to steal all her words, the Fire... See More

£5.03 £6.39 Save 21% Price verified 34 minutes ago



(4,142 reviews)

The international million copy bestseller recounting the epic turning point of the WW2 ______________ In October 1942, an officer wrote 'Stalingrad is no longer a town... Animals flee this hell; the hardest stones cannot... See More

£5.99 £6.99 Save 14% Price verified 44 minutes ago

Emma's Baby


(560 reviews)

That was how she saw him, mostly, in the weeks that followed. Standing there in the doorway with his toothy little grin, his crooked fringe, his blue fleece with the smiley elephant on the front. Life as a single mother is... See More

£5.99 £6.99 Save 14% Price verified 44 minutes ago

Beach Babylon


(239 reviews)

How does it feel to live and work in the world's most beautiful and luxurious tropical island resort, surrounded by white sandy beaches and aquamarine seas? How does it feel to be in the lap of luxury when you're thousands... See More

£3.99 £4.99 Save 20% Price verified 46 minutes ago

Dam Busters: The Race to Smash the Dams, 1943


(898 reviews)

The night of May 16th, 1943. Nineteen specially adapted Lancaster bombers take off from RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire, each with a huge 9,000lb cylindrical bomb strapped underneath it. Their mission: to destroy three dams... See More

£3.99 £4.99 Save 20% Price verified 51 minutes ago

Here She Lies


(481 reviews)

"Suspense at a high level." -Midwest Book Review WHERE DOES THE TRUTH END -- AND THE ULTIMATE BETRAYAL BEGIN? When she discovers e-mail evidence of her husband's infidelity, Annie Milliken is shattered. Dismissing his... See More

£2.99 £3.22 Save 7% Price verified one hour ago



(30 reviews)

Waiting by the canal in Malmö, a young cellist meets a disorientated junkie. The encounter sends him into a turmoil of memories, voices and associations. As the cellist oscillates between present and past, he is paralysed... See More

£7.19 £7.99 Save 10% Price verified one hour ago

Dear Thief


(145 reviews)

Shortlisted for the 2015 James Tait Black Memorial Prize Longlisted for the 2015 Baileys Women's Prize for Fiction Longlisted for the 2015 Jerwood Prize In the middle of a winter's night, a woman wraps herself in a blanket... See More

£4.99 £5.99 Save 17% Price verified one hour ago
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